Speakers on the Divisional Program

The deadine for all requests for data projectors in divisional program sessions was January 31st. The request deadline enables the Division to manage the hisgh cost of AV while supplying equipment wherever it is needed. For this reason, equipment will not be supplied unless it is requested through this page by January 31. There will be no exceptions.

Data projectors and VGA cables will be provided in the following sessions organized by the Program Committee. Speakers must bring their own computers and any needed adapters. Speakers in affiliated group sessions and sessions sponsored by APA Committees, please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions.

1ABook Symposium: Scientific Ontology: Integrating Naturalized Metaphysics and Voluntarist Epistemology
1EInvited Symposium: Responsibility and Punishment
1GColloquium: Aesthetics
1JColloquium: Narratives of Order and Disorder
2DInvited Symposium: Equivalent Theories in Physics
2FColloquium: 17th and 18th Century Philosophy
2GColloquium: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
2HColloquium: Epistemology
2IColloquium: Political Philosophy
3DInvited Symposium: Mechanical Explanation in Aristotle
3EInvited Symposium: Perceptual Structuralism
4ABook Symposium: Philosophy and Model Theory
4EInvited Symposium: Moral Disgust
4FInvited Symposium: Probabilistic Knowledge
4GColloquium: Epistemic Responsibilities
4IColloquium: Non-Human and Extended Cognition
5DSpecial Memorial Session: Memorial Session for Eileen O'Neill
5EInvited Symposium: Constitutivism, Existentialism, and Freedom
5FInvited Symposium: Modal Paradox
5IColloquium: Ethics
6EInvited Symposium: The Movement for Black Lives: Leadership and Tactics for Social Change
6GColloquium: Asian Philosophy
6IColloquium: Philosophy of Language
7CBook Symposium: Pieces of Mind: The Proper Domain of Psychological Predicates
7EInvited Symposium: What can Archaeologists Know?
7FColloquium: Ethics
7GColloquium: Explanation
7IColloquium: Philosophy of Law
8BBook Symposium: Mind the Body: An Exploration of Bodily Self-Awareness
8CBook Symposium: The Primacy of Metaphysics
8DInvited Symposium: Decolonization and Settler Colonial Theory
8EInvited Symposium: Liking Aesthetic Value
8FInvited Symposium: Means-End Assessment of Scientific Models
8IColloquium: Philosophy of Science
9CInvited Symposium: Self-Defense
9GColloquium: Political Philosophy
9HSymposium: Aesthetic Value
9ISymposium: Moral Ignorance
10ABook Symposium: From Plural to Institutional Agency: Collective Action II
10DInvited Symposium: Philosophy for Children as Public Philosophy: Initiatives in the Pacific
10IColloquium: Modelling and Representation
11BBook Symposium: Medical Nihilism
11CBook Symposium: The Unity of Perception
11DInvited Symposium: Causation
11EInvited Symposium: Greek Mathematics and Ancient Philosophy
11JColloquium: Philosophy of Science
12CInvited Symposium: Agency and the Built Environment
12DInvited Symposium: Aristotle vs. Emergentism? The Roots of Anti-Reductionism
12GColloquium: Logic

Speakers in Sessions Organized by APA Committees

Speakers in sessions organized by APA Committees must request audio-visual equipment by writing to the Committee chair or the organizer of their session prior to the January 31st deadline. Committee chairs received email instructions.

Speakers on the Affiliated Group Program

Speakers on the Affiliated Group Program must request audio-visual equipment by writing to their group contact prior to the January 31st deadline.