G2AAssociation for Philosophy of Education, Session 1
Topic: Derrida and the Search for a Decolonial Pedagogy
Speakers: Zelia Gregoriou (University of Cyprus)
““My Man Friday”: Economizing Encirclement, Burying the Phantasm, and Derrida’s Debt”
Nassim Noroozi (Concordia University)
“Decolonial Presence”
G2BInternational Society for Buddhist Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Madhyamaka Thought and Philosophy of Language
Chair: Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
Speakers: Dan Arnold (University of Chicago)
“On Action as Axiomatic for Buddhist Philosophy: The Case of Candrakīrti’s Critique of Buddhist Reductionism”
Laura Guerrero (Utah Valley University)
“That’s What I Mean: Madhyamaka, Meaning and Truth”
John Spackman (Middlebury College)
“The Presupposition Strategy and the Two Truths”
Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
“What Can I Say What I Know About What There Is?”
G2CInternational Society for Environmental Ethics, Session 1
Topic: Teaching Environmental Philosophy: Engaged and Inclusive Pedagogies
Chairs: Simona Capisani (University of California, Irvine)
Marion Hourdenquin (Colorado College)
Panelists: Chris Cuomo (University of Georgia)
Rebeka Ferreira (Green River College)
Benjamin Hole (Pacific University)
Clair Morrissey (Occidental College)
G2DJohn Dewey Society
Topic: Dewey’s Approach to Culture: Anthropology, Democracy, and Education
Speakers: Chanhee Lee (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
“John Dewey and Democratic Virtues”
Josh Fischel (Millersville University of Pennsylvania)
“John Dewey from an Anthropological Point of View”
David Hildebrand (University of Colorado Denver)
“Kids and Devices: Implementing Deweyan Experience-based Education in the 21st Century”
G2ENorth American Kant Society, Session 1
Topic: Kant on Freedom and Morality
Chairs: Pauline Kleingeld (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Andrews Reath (University of California, Riverside)
Speakers: Pauline Kleingeld (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
“Kant’s Republican Conception of Freedom of the Will”
Andrews Reath (University of California, Riverside)
“Kantian Universalization”
G2FNorth American Korean Philosophy Association, Session 1
Topic: Korean Aesthetics
Chair: Sarah Mattice (University of North Florida)
Speakers: So Jeong Park (Sungkyunkwan University)
“Accommodation and Innovation: A Framework for Korean Aesthetics”
Sohyeon Park (Sungkyunkwan University)
“Ethics or Aesthetics? : Korean Court-Case Fiction and the Art of Legal Storytelling”
Dobin Choi (University of Iowa)
“How to Do Korean Aesthetics: Examining the Applicability of Virtue Aesthetics and Somaesthetics”
Youen-hee Kho (Sungkyunkwan University)
“Image of Plum Blossom and Bamboo, Political Aesthetics of Self-Representation”
Hannah Kim (Stanford University)
“Metaphors in the Four-Seven Debate”
G2GSociety for Analytical Feminism, Session 1
Topic: Shades of Misogyny
Chair: Dee Payton (Rutgers University)
Speakers: B. R. George (Carnegie Mellon University)
“Painfully Literal Dudes”
Stephanie Kapusta (Dalhousie University)
“Threat-Generics About Trans Women: A Semantic / Pragmatic Account”
Cassie Herbert (Illinois State University)
“Very Online Misogyny”
G2HSociety for the Philosophy of Animal Minds (sPAM), Session 1
Topic: Sentience Across Species, Class, and Kingdom
Speakers: Kristin Andrews (York University)
“A Dynamic Marker Approach to Identifying Consciousness”
Irina Mikhalevich (Rochester Institute of Technology)
“Consciousness, Cognition, and the Moral Standing of Invertebrate Animals”
Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California, Riverside)
“Is There Something It’s Like to Be a Garden Snail?”
Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia)
“Sentience and Biopsychism”
G2ISociety of Christian Philosophers
Chair: Adam Green (Azusa Pacific University)
Speaker: Charity Anderson (Baylor University)
“Divine Hiddenness: An Evidential Argument”
Commentator: Laura Frances Callahan (University of Notre Dame)


G3AConcerned Philosophers for Peace
Topic: Tolstoy’s Anarchism
Chair: Andrew Fiala (California State University, Fresno)
Speakers: Robert Holmes (University of Rochester)
“Tolstoy’s Nonviolent Anarchism”
Inessa Medzhibovskaya (The New School)
“Tolstoy: Philosophy, Religion, and Politics”
Richard Werner (Hamilton College)
“Tolstoyan Anarchism and Green Communal Ecology”
Predrag Cicovacki (College of the Holy Cross)
“Tolstoy’s Anarchism: Defense and Criticism”
G3BHeidegger Circle
Topic: Heidegger and the Greeks
Moderator: Hakhamanesh Zangeneh (California State University Stanislaus)
Speakers: Andrew Mitchell (Emory University)
“Heidegger’s Archipelagic Thinking of Greece”
John M. Rose (Goucher College)
“Heidegger, the Greeks, and Me”
Wanda Torres Gregory (Simmons University)
“Speaking of Silence in Heidegger’s 1944 Heraclitus Seminar (GA 55)”
Commentator: Douglas Peduti (Seattle University)
G3CHume Society
Topic: Breaking the Guilty Silence: Hume on Oppressed Peoples
Chair: Liz Goodnick (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Speakers: Getty Lustila (Stonehill College)
Margaret Watkins (St. Vincent College)
Andre Willis (Brown University)
G3DInternational Association for the Philosophy of Death & Dying
Chair: David Beglin (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speakers: Rhys Southan (University of Oxford)
“Annihilation and David Benatar’s Dilemma”
Kirsten Egerstrom (Whatcom Community College)
“Benefiting the Dead”
Samantha Brennan (University of Guelph)
“Gender Inequality and the Badness of Death”
Adam Lerner (New York University)
Jordan MacKenzie (Virginia Tech)
“May Surrogates Request Physician Assisted Death”
G3EMinorities and Philosophy
Topic: Countering Bullying, Harassment, and Microaggressions
Chairs: Carolina Flores (Rutgers University)
Milana Kostic (University of California, San Diego)
Elise Woodard (University of Michigan)
Jingyi Wu (University of California, Irvine)
G3FNorth American Society for Philosophical Hermeneutics
Topic: Recent Issues in Philosophical Hermeneutics
Speakers: Carlo DaVia (Fordham University)
“Gadamer on Essences”
Georgia Warnke (University of California, Riverside)
“Identity, Experience, and Understanding”
David Vessey (Grand Valley State University)
“On Beiser’s Reading of Gadamer: Historical Facts and Aesthetic Truths”
Rachel Cicoria (Texas A&M University)
“Who Has a Say?: Heidegger and Gadamer on the Death of the Other”
G3GPacific Association for the Continental Tradition
Topic: Environmental Thinking: Comparative Approaches
Speakers: Marjolein Oele (University of San Francisco)
Russell Duvernoy (Seattle University)
Kim Carfore (University of San Francisco)
Sam Mickey (University of San Francisco)
Gerard Kuperus (University of San Francisco)
G3HPhilosophy of Time Society
Chair: Adrian Bardon (Wake Forest University)
Speakers: Akiko Frischhut (Akita International University)
Giuliano Torrengo (Università degli Studi di Milano and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
“Moving Spotlight and Super-time”
Simon Brown (Columbia University)
“Representation of Time in the Mind”
Sayid Bnefsi (University of California, Irvine)
“Sideways Music Isn’t Music to My Ears”
G3ISociety for Ancient Greek Philosophy
Topic: Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy
Chair: Mark Wheeler (San Diego State University)
Speakers: Samuel C. Bennett (Purdue University)
“Strict and Loose Forms of Aristotelian Akrasia and Enkrateia”
Kelly Arenson (Duquesne University)
“The Demiurge in Plato's Account of Natural Evil”
J. Clerk Shaw (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
“The Incredible Vanishing Measure Doctrine (Theaetetus)ine”
G3JSouthern California Epistemology Network
Topic: Recent Work in Epistemology
Chair: Karl Schafer (University of California, Irvine)
Speakers: Sven Bernecker (University of California, Irvine)
Luis Rosa (Universität zu Köln)
Sofia Bokros (Universität zu Köln)

WEDNESDAY EVENING, 8:00 - 10:00 P.M.

G4ASociety for Analytical Feminism, Session 2
Topic: Corrupted and Corrosive Constructions
Chair: Stephanie Kapusta (Dalhousie University)
Speakers: Amandine Catala (Université du Québec à Montréal)
“Colonial Memory, Epistemic Injustice, and Political Equality”
Nora Berenstain (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
“On the Use of Cis Feminist Moves to Innocence”
Dee Payton (Rutgers University)
“The Master’s Tools”
G4BSociety for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Meet the Authors: “History of Indian Philosophy”
Chair: Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
Panelists: Purushottama Bilimoria (University of Melbourne and University of California, Berkeley)
Brian Black (Lancaster University)
Monima Chadha (Monash University)
Jay L. Garfield (Smith College and Harvard University)
Stephen Phillips (University of Texas at Austin)
Anand Vaidya (San José State University)
G4CSociety for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Book Symposium: Albert R. Spencer, American Pragmatism: An Introduction
Moderator: Paul Showler (University of Oregon)
Author: Albert R. Spencer (Portland State University)
Critics: Anna Cook (University of the Fraser Valley)
Maurice Hamington (Portland State University)
Brad Elliott Stone (Loyola Marymount University)



THURSDAY EVENING, 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.

G5AAssociation of Chinese Philosophers in America, Session 1
Topic: Interpretations of Confucian Moral Philosophy
Chair: Justin Tiwald (San Francisco State University)
Speakers: Wenhui Xie (University of Oklahoma)
“Ethical Le 樂 in the Analects”
Thorian Harris (University of California, Davis)
“Exemplars Beyond Virtue”
Sean Drysdale Walsh (University of Minnesota Duluth)
“Mencius, Kant, and Ameliorating the Risk of Failing in Our Obligations”
Justin Tiwald (San Francisco State University)
“Moral Deference in Confucian Philosophy: For and Against”
G5BCharles S. Peirce Society
Topic: Book Symposium: Robert Lane, Peirce on Realism and Idealism
Chair: Catherine Legg (Deakin University)
Author: Robert Lane (University of West Georgia)
Commentators: Elizabeth F. Cooke (Creighton University)
Rosa Mayorga (Miami Dade College)
Aaron Wilson (South Texas College)
G5CHellenistic Philosophy Society
Chair: J. Clerk Shaw (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Speakers: Ian Hensley (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
“Are the Stoics Corporealists?”
Anna Christensen (Central College)
“Passing Quickly through the Gates of Hades: Epicureans on Suicide”
Jeremy Reid (San Francisco State University)
“Why Shouldn’t I Be Angry All the Time? Seneca on our Response to Ubiquitous Wrongdoing”
G5DInternational Association for the Philosophy of Humor, Session 1
Topic: Book Symposium: Steven Gimbel, Isn’t That Clever: A Philosophical Account of Humor and Comedy
Chairs: Lydia Amir (Tufts University)
Lauren Olin (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
Author: Steven Gimbel (Gettysburg College)
Speakers: Mark Ralkowlski (George Washington University)
“The Consolations of Humor”
Chris A. Kramer (Santa Barbara City College)
“The Funny and the Fury in Parrhesiastic Dissent”
Critics: Brian Robinson (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
Richard Vagnino (University of California, San Diego)
G5EInternational Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy
Topic: Human Nature, Living, and Freedom
Chair: Bradford Cokelet (University of Kansas)
Speakers: Yuhan Liang (University of Connecticut)
“One Nature or Many Natures: A Comparison of Boethius and Zhu Xi’s Liyifenshu”
Jörn Kroll (Independent Scholar)
“The Emergence of Nonconditional Freedom in Zhuangzi and A.H. Almaas: An Intercultural Conversation”
Jeremy Huang (University of Michigan)
“The Sage and the Savage: Comparing the Ideal State of Living in the Daodejing and Rousseau’s Second Discourse”
G5FNorth American Kant Society, Session 2
Chair: Huaping Lu-Adler (Georgetown University)
Speaker: Eric Watkins (University of California, San Diego)
“Kant on the Unconditioned”
Commentator: Samuel Levey (Dartmouth College)
G5GNorth American Korean Philosophy Association, Session 2
Topic: Action and Emotion in Korean Philosophy
Chair: Halla Kim (Sogang University and University of Nebraska at Omaha)
Speakers: Halla Kim (Sogang University and University of Nebraska at Omaha)
“Action, Emotions, and Deliberations in Dasan’s Moral Psychology”
Edward Chung (University of Prince Edward Island)
“Chŏng Chedu (Hagok) on the Four Beginnings and the Seven Emotions: A Creative Neo-Confucian Interpretation of Emotions and Self-Cultivation”
Hannah Kim (Stanford University)
“Music and Human Nature: Competing Confucian Views on Music’s Moral Relevance”
G5HNorth American Society for Social Philosophy
Topic: Resistance at the Intersection of Racism, Fascism, and White Supremacy
Chair: Ronald R. Sundstrom (University of San Francisco)
Speakers: José Jorge Mendoza (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
“‘Go Back to Where You Came From!’: Racism, Xenophobia, and Why It Matters”
Samia Hesni (Boston University)
“Cooperative Disruptions of ‘Where Are You From’ Scripts”
Darien Pollock (Harvard University)
“Racial Hegemony and the Problem of White-mindedness”
Joan Braune (Gonzaga University)
“Towards a Praxis of Resistance: Why Anti-Fascism Needs Critical Theory”
G5IPolitical Epistemology Network, Session 1
Topic: Epistemic Harms
Chair: Elizabeth Edenberg (Georgetown University)
Speakers: Elizabeth Portella (University of Oregon)
“Epistemic Injustice and the Problem of Antifeminist Women”
Frank Cabrera (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Megan Fritts (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“Fake News as a Noxious Market”
Alfred Archer (Tilburg University)
Leonie Smith (University of Manchester)
“Poverty, Meritocracy, and Epistemic Injustice”
G5JSociety for German Idealism
Chair: Jeff Gauthier (University of Portland)
Speakers: Daniel J. Smith (University of Memphis)
“An Ethics of Temptation: Schelling’s Contribution to the Freedom Controversy”
Christopher Latiolais (Kalamazoo College)
“Apperception as Self-Reference”
Commentators: J. M. Fritzman (Lewis & Clark College)
Andrew MacDonald (University of California, Riverside)
G5KSociety for the Philosophy of Animal Minds (sPAM), Session 2
Topic: Methods of Observations in the Animal Mind Sciences
Speakers: Kristin Andrews (York University)
“Are There Any Principles of Comparative Cognition?”
Colin Allen (University of Pittsburgh)
“Chirps, Grunts, and Guffaws: A Philosopher in the Context of Experimental Design for Comparative Cognition”
Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)
“From Philosophical Inspiration to Experimental Design: Avoiding Common Biases and Blind Spots”
Maria Botero (Sam Houston State University)
“Is Observing Animals Behavior an Exclusively Perceptual Process?”
G5LSociety for the Study of Process Philosophies, Session 1
Chair: Daniel A. Dombrowski (Seattle University)
Speakers: Bradford McCall (Claremont School of Theology)
“Kenotically-Donated Love”
Rachael Huegerich (Villanova University)
“Sacred Self-Expression: Love and Trans* Authenticity”
Byron Belitsos (Union Theological Seminary)
“Thinking through the Unthinkable: David Ray Griffin, the Theology of Demonic Power, and the Quest for Truth about 9/11”

THURSDAY EVENING, 6:00 - 9:00 P.M.

G6AAmerican Association of Philosophy Teachers, Session 1
Topic: Addressing Resistance and Alternative Facts: Classroom Activities and Assignments
Chair: Ian Duckles (San Diego Mesa College)
Speakers: Vadim Keyser (California State University, Fresno)
“‘The Truth is the Intersection of Our Lies?’ How to Correct False Information”
Oisín Deery (York University)
“Against Media Illusions: A Critical Thinking Class”
Christopher Edelman (University of the Incarnate Word)
“Dialectical Facts?”
Chad Mohler (Truman State University)
“Strategies for Decreasing Student Resistance to Viewpoints Different from Their Own”
Amitabha Palmer (Bowling Green State University)
“Teaching Strategies for Addressing Science Denialism under Conditions of High Social and Political Polarization”
G6BCenter for New Narratives in Philosophy
Topic: New Narratives in Medieval Philosophy
Chair: Andrew Arlig (Brooklyn College)
Speakers: Peter King (University of Toronto)
“Augustine and Christine de Pizan: City of God, City of Ladies”
Jennifer Hart Weed (University of New Brunswick Fredericton)
“Marguerite Porete: Narrative and the Progression of the Soul”
Ashley Dressel (College of St. Scholastica)
“Self-Love and Holy Hatred in Catherine of Siena”
Commentator: Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College)
G6CGeorge Santayana Society
Topic: Santayana and Well-being
Chair: Richard M. Rubin (Independent Scholar)
Speakers: Hector Galván (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)
“Philosophy as a Path to Well-Being”
Diana Heney (Vanderbilt University)
“Santayana in Conversation: Guiding Normative Notions in American Pragmatism”
Hasko von Kriegstein (Ryerson University)
“Well-Being as Harmony”
G6DHong Kong Kant Society
Topic: The Spectrum of Kant’s Legacy
Speakers: Jack Chun (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
“Issues in Kant’s Theory of Aesthetic Judgments”
Wesley Bergen (Hong Kong Baptist University)
“Kant on the Health of the Soul: Ethical Ascetics and the Passions”
Stephen Palmquist (Hong Kong Baptist University)
“Kant’s Public Protest in the Prolegomena: Is Peer Review Necessary for Genuine Science”
Chong-Fuk Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
“The Landscape of Kant’s Ontology”
Siwei Qiang (Hong Kong Baptist University)
“When Is the Highest Good Not Just an Empty Hope?”
G6EInternational Ernst Cassirer Society
Topic: Cassirer and Kant’s Third Critique
Speakers: Ingmar Meland (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet)
“Cassirer and the Problem of the Transition from Nature to Freedom in Kant’s Third Critique”
Tobias Endres (Technische Universität Braunschweig)
“Heinz Cassirer’s Take on Kant’s Third Critique”
Fabien Capeillères (Université de Caen Normandie)
“Kant’s Theory of Hypotyposis and Cassirer’s Symbolic Form”
Arno Schubbach (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)
“Kant’s Third Critique in Cassirer’s Philosophy of Culture”
Domenico Schneider (Technische Universität Braunschweig)
“The Way We Understand – Cassirer’s Operational Use of Kantian Schematism”
G6FPluralisms, Relativisms and Contextualisms Global Research Network
Chair: Nathan Kellen (Kansas State University)
Speakers: Will Gamester (University of Leeds)
“Anti-Realist Truth and Expressivist Metasemantics”
Nathan Kellen (Kansas State University)
Shay Allen Logan (Kansas State University)
“Deep (Fried) Disagreements about Logic Demand Relevance”
Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen (Yonsei University)
“Non-evidentialism, Pluralism, and Relativism”
G6GSociety for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Topic: Book Symposium: Eddy Souffrant, Global Development Ethics
Chair: Andrew Fiala (California State University, Fresno)
Author: Eddy Souffrant (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Commentators: R. Paul Churchill (George Washington University)
Elizabeth Minnich (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
G6HSociety for Philosophy of Agency
Topic: Agency and Aesthetics
Chair: Luca Ferrero (University of California, Riverside)
Panelists: Keren Gorodeisky (Auburn University)
Dominic McIver Lopes (University of British Columbia)
C. Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University)

THURSDAY EVENING, 8:00 - 10:00 P.M.

G7ACritical Genealogies Workshop
Topic: Book Symposium: Colin Koopman, How We Became Our Data
Chair: Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson (Syracuse University)
Author: Colin Koopman (University of Oregon)
Critics: Corey McCall (Elmira College)
Rita Raley (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Daniel W. Smith (Purdue University)
G7BGandhi, King, Chavez, Addams Society, Session 1
Topic: Book Symposium: Lijun Yuan, Confucian Ren and Feminist Ethics of Care
Chair: Greg Moses (Texas State University)
Author: Lijun Yuan (Texas State University-San Marcos)
Critics: Maggie Newton (University of Oregon)
Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee (University of Hawai’i–West Oahu)
Maureen Sander-Staudt (Southwest Minnesota State University)
G7CInternational Association for the Philosophy of Sport
Topic: The Ethics of the Fair-Weather Fan
Chair: Shawn E. Klein (Arizona State University)
Speakers: Kyle Fruh (Duke Kunshan University)
Marcus Hedahl (United States Naval Academy)
Luke Maring (Northern Arizona University)
Nate Olson (California State University, Bakersfield)
“A Fair Shake for the Fair-Weather Fan”
G7DInternational Plato Society, Session 1
Topic: Plato’s Later Dialogues: Methodologies
Chair: Jan Szaif (University of California, Davis)
Speakers: Gabriele Cornelli (Universidade de Brasilia)
“A Very Beautiful Path: Unity and Multiplicity in Plato’s Philebus
Xin Liu (Nanjing University)
“On Diairesis and Chiasmus: Plato’s Method of Division in the Statesman
George Rudebusch (Northern Arizona University)
Philebus 24a-26d: Peras and Apeiron as Scales in Measure Theory”
G7EKarl Jaspers Society of North America, Session 1
Topic: Jaspers’ Nietzsche Interpretation
Chair: William Swanson (University of California, Riverside)
Speakers: Dirk Johnson (Hampden-Sydney College)
“Jaspers’ Reading of Nietzsche’s Antichrist”
Rolando Pérez (Hunter College)
“Karl Jasper’s Boundary Situations and Miguel de Unamuno’s Hunger for Immortality: The Case for Existenz and Reason in an Age of Irrationality”
Allison Merrick (California State University San Marcos)
“Methods and the Tasks of Philosophy: Concerning Jaspers’ Nietzsche”
Babette Babich (Fordham University)
“Severus Snape, STEM, and The Idea of the University: From Jaspers’ Nietzsche to MacIntyre’s Newman”
G7FPublic Philosophy Network
Topic: Political Representation
Moderator: Ronald R. Sundstrom (University of San Francisco)
Speakers: Wendy Salkin (Stanford University)
Liam Kofi Bright (London School of Economics)
Linda Martín Alcoff (Hunter College)
Alisa Bierria (University of California, Riverside)
G7GSociety for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Topics in Asian Philosophy
Chair: Adrienne Cochran (Highline College)
Presenters: Sungwoo Um (National Institutes of Health)
“Grieving Virtuously: Zhuangzi-ist Views and Beyond”
Kevin J. Turner (Peking University)
“On Subjectivity and Objectivity in Mencius—or Realism with a Confucian Face”
Adrienne Cochran (Highline College)
“Self-Fixating on Social Media”
Choo Lok Chui (Nanyang Technological University)
“The Origin of Badness in Mencius’ Ethics”
G7HSociety for the Metaphysics of Science
Topic: Explanation and Ontology in the Metaphysics of Science
Chair: Zee Perry (University of Colorado Boulder)
Speakers: Katrina Elliott (University of California, Los Angeles)
“Inference to the Best Theory”
M. Townsen Hicks (University of Birmingham)
“Symmetries, Explanation, and the Metaphysics of Laws”
Niels Martens (Universität Bonn)
“The Role of Explanatory Power in Symmetry-to-Reality Inferences”
G7ISociety for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts
Topic: The Philosophy of Werner Herzog
Chair: John McAteer (Ashford University)
Speakers: M. Blake Wilson (California State University Stanislaus)
Christopher Turner (California State University Stanislaus)
Marc Furstenau (Carleton University)
David LaRocca (Cornell University)
G7JSociety for the Philosophy of Creativity
Topic: Technology and Creativity
Chair: Russell Duvernoy (Seattle University)
Speakers: Billy Goehring (Independent Scholar)
“Affordances and Action Economies: How Creative Gameplay in Role-Playing Games Highlights the Distinction Between Hidden and Perceptible Affordance”
Marjolein Oele (University of San Francisco)
“Breathing Beyond the Anthropocene: On Allergies and the Technological Transformation of Air and Bodies”
Bonnie Sheehey (Montana State University)
“Facebook, Death, and the Creation of Memory”
Sam Mickey (University of San Francisco)
“Our Transhuman Future: Brain-Computer Interfaces and Creative Evolution”
G7KSociety for the Study of Philosophy and the Martial Arts, Session 1
Chair: Joseph J. Lynch (California Polytechnic State University)
Speakers: Mark Stone (Furman University)
“Martial Arts Training and Courage: An Examination of Plato’s Laches”
Richard Schubert (Cosumnes River College)
“Practicing Virtue: A Reply to Russell”
Wenhui Xie (University of Oklahoma)
“The Principle of Relaxation in the Internal Schools of Chinese Martial Art”
Commentator: Joseph J. Lynch (California Polytechnic State University)



FRIDAY EVENING, 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.

G8AAmerican Association of Philosophy Teachers, Session 2
Topic: Undergraduate and Faculty SoTL Poster Sessions
Chair: Kaitlin Louise Pettit (University of Utah)
Speakers: Bailie Peterson (University of Northern Colorado)
“Are Philosophers Failing First-Generation Students?”
Mark Makin (Biola University)
“Assessing Oral Communication and Critical Thinking in Discussion-Based Classrooms: A Case Study”
Zak Kopeikin (University of Colorado Boulder)
“Did They Even Read the Question? Using Metacognition to Improve Students’ Written Responses”
Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin)
“Engaging with Philosophers from a Second-Person Standpoint: Letters as a Tool for Practicing Writing Skills”
Eleanor Gilmore-Szott (University of Utah)
“Ethics in Data Science”
Tuomas Manninen (Arizona State University)
“Going beyond Mill: Teaching a Course in Philosophy of Censorship”
Ricardo Friaz (University of Oregon)
“Rules of Order and the Philosophy Classroom”
Joshua Chang (University of California, Irvine)
“Schoolchildren, Philosophy, and the Meaning of Life”
William A. B. Parkhurst (University of South Florida)
“Teaching and Learning Video Series”
Michael O’Rourke (Michigan State University)
Brian Robinson (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
“Toolbox Dialogues in the Classroom for Engagement and Epistemic Integration”
G8BAssociation of Chinese Philosophers in America, Session 2
Topic: Zhuangzi, Huainanzi, and Cyclicality
Chair: Yanming An (Clemson University)
Speakers: Aron Burnett (University of Oklahoma)
“Being Disappointed in Oneself: Learning to Cope with Help from Zhuangzi, an Extreme Music Aficionado”
Jianping Hu (Nanyang Technological University)
“Is Zhuangzi a Patient Relativist?: A Response to Huang Yong”
Matthew Hamm (University of British Columbia)
“Natural Histories: Historiography, Naturalization, and Sovereignty in the Huainanzi”
Yanming An (Clemson University)
“The Idea of Cyclicality in the Chinese Thought”
G8CGandhi, King, Chavez, Addams Society, Session 2
Topic: Book Symposium: Andrew Fiala, Transformational Pacifism
Chair: Marta D. Kunecka (Oregon State University)
Author: Andrew Fiala (California State University, Fresno)
Critics: David K. Chan (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Sahar Heydari Fard (University of Cincinnati)
G8DInternational Association for the Philosophy of Humor, Session 2
Chair: Gerald Dworkin (University of California, Davis)
Speakers: Lauren Olin (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
“Mirth and Motivation”
Richard Vagnino (University of California, San Diego)
“On Comic Objectivity”
Richard M. Rubin (Independent Scholar)
“Punch with Punchlines and Without: An Examination of the Differences between the Joke Format and Other Forms of Verbal Humor”
Brian Robinson (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
“Themes in the Moral Psychology of Amusement”
G8EInternational Society for Chinese Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Freedom and Causality in Chinese Philosophy
Presenters: Yao Xingzhong (Renmin University of China)
“Freedom, Mind and Heaven: Tension between Ethical and Metaphysical Forces in Mencius”
Dennis Schilling (Renmin University of China)
“Questioning Autonomy: Perspectives on Human Agency and Authenticity in the Zhuāng zǐ”
Chung-Ying Cheng (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
“Two Forms of Freedom: Mencius and Zhuangzi”
Matt DuPree (Loyola Marymount University)
“War and Other Disasters: Conflict of Intuitions in the Dao De Jing and Zhuangzi”
James Dominic Rooney (Saint Louis University)
“Zhu Xi’s Metaphysics of Formal Causation”
G8FKarl Jaspers Society of North America, Session 2
Topic: Book Symposium: Friedrich Nietzsche, The Joyous Science
Chair: Aravinder Dhillon (University of Cambridge)
Author: R. Kevin Hill (Portland State University)
Critics: Ruth A. Burch (CTA Istituto Interlingue)
Duncan Large (University of East Anglia)
Matthew Meyer (University of Scranton)
Justin Remhof (Old Dominion University)
G8GPolitical Theology Group
Topic: Indigenizing Philosophy
Chair: Dana Lloyd (Washington University in St. Louis)
Speakers: Brian Burkhart (University of Oklahoma)
“Indigenizing Philosophy through the Land”
Jill Stauffer (Haverford College)
“Lapse, Time, and Settler Colonial Thinking”
Shay Welch (Spelman College)
“Should Your Philosophy Be Indigenized?”
Natalie Avalos (University of Colorado Boulder)
“The Metaphysics of Decoloniality: Indigenous Religious Refusals as Sovereignty”
G8HRadical Philosophy Association
Topic: Critical Theory, Marxism, and Praxis in Confronting the Far-Right
Presenters: Joan Braune (Gonzaga University)
“Catastrophism and Accelerationism on the Far-Right: A Frommian Critique”
Samir Gandesha (Simon Fraser University)
“Populism: Between Rationalism and Affect”
Kieran Durkin (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Raya Dunayevskaya’s ‘Ethic of Responsibility’”
Claudia Leeb (Washington State University)
“The Extremist Right in Europe: A Psychoanalytic Approach”
G8ISociety for Mexican-American Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Virtue, Identity, and Latin American Philosophy
Chair: Alejandro Santana (University of Portland)
Presenters: Francisco Salinas Paz (Universidad de Guadalajara)
“Mexico, Identity, and Political Practices”
Sebastian Purcell (State University of New York College at Cortland)
“Virtues of Shared Agency: Aristotle and the Aztecs on Habit and Ritual”
Joel Martinez (Lewis & Clark College)
“Why Do We Need Meta-Philosophy?”
G8JSociety for the Study of Philosophy and the Martial Arts, Session 2
Chair: Joseph J. Lynch (California Polytechnic State University)
Speakers: Allan Bäck (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
“A Taekwondo Muddle?”
Amitabha Palmer (Bowling Green State University)
“Argument Judo: Can the Principles of Judo be Applied to Civil Discourse?”
Kevin Houser (California Polytechnic State University)
“Sparring and Theodicy: Towards an Ethics of Punching Friends”
Johnathan C. Flowers (Worcester State University)
“The Concept of Shin in Japanese Martial Arts”
Commentator: Regina Swanson (Long Beach City College)
G8KSociety for the Study of Process Philosophies, Session 2
Chair: Daniel A. Dombrowski (Seattle University)
Speakers: Philip Tyron (Independent Scholar)
“A Process Approach to Biology and Organisms”
L. Pia Shaw (California Institute of Integral Studies)
“Considering a Whiteheadian Theory of Emotion”
Christopher Cochran (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Stanley Klein (University of California, Berkeley)
“Why Process Theology is an Optimal Science/Religion Bridge”
G8LSociety of Philosophers in America
Topic: Philosophy for Everyone
Speakers: Dustyn Addington (University of Washington)
“Exiting the Gated Community: Academic Philosophy and the Public”
Casey Dorman (Independent Scholar)
“Expressing Philosophy Through Popular Fiction”
Sergia Hay (Pacific Lutheran University)
“Know-It-Alls, Dabblers, and the Shared Language of Public Philosophy”
G8MWilliam James Society
Chair: Kyle Bromhall (Sheridan College)
Speakers: Vincent Colapietro (University of Rhode Island)
“Active Inattention: The Jamesian Counterpart to the Freudian Unconscious?”
Bonnie Sheehey (Montana State University)
“Reparative Agency and Commitment to Jamesean Pragmatism”
Kimberley Parzuchowski (University of Oregon)
“William James & the Inspiration to Fight Climate Change”

FRIDAY EVENING, 7:00 - 10:00 P.M.

G9AAmerican Society for Aesthetics
Topic: Tea for Who? Social Aspects of the Aesthetics of Food & Drink
Chair: Meilin Chinn (Santa Clara University)
Speakers: Emily Brady (Texas A&M University)
“Agriculture and Aesthetics: The Pastoral, the Wild, and the Good”
Andrea Baldini (Nanjing University)
Matteo Ravasio (Peking University)
“Culinary Authenticity and Cultural Heritage”
C. Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University)
“The Social Aesthetics of Food Rituals”
Aaron Meskin (University of Georgia)
“The Social Construction of an Aesthetic Person Kind: ‘Foodie’ and Foodies”
G9BExperimental Philosophy Society
Speakers: Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California, Riverside)
“Do Philosophical Arguments Influence Moral Behavior? Data on Meat Ethics and Charitable Giving”
Kyle Thompson (Harvey Mudd College)
“Ethics, X-Phi, and the Expanded Methodological Toolbox: How the Think Aloud Method and Interview Reveal People’s Judgments on Issues in Ethics and Beyond”
Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh)
“First Results of the Geography of Philosophy Project—Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding”
G9CMolinari Society
Topic: Anarchy, Property, and Virtue
Chair: Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)
Speakers: Gary Chartier (La Sierra University)
“Anarchical Virtues”
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)
“Ayn Rand’s ‘New’ (Posthumous) Critique of Anarchism: A Counter-Critique”
Jason Byas (University of Michigan)
“Property and Interpretation”
Jesse Spafford (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Social Anarchism and the Rejection of Private Property”
G9DSociety for Applied Philosophy
Topic: Autonomy, Responsibility, and Adaptive Preferences
Speakers: Elinor Mason (University of Edinburgh)
Manuel Vargas (University of California, San Diego)
Michael McKenna (University of Arizona)
G9ESociety for Philosophy and Disability
Topic: Disability Bioethics
Speakers: Christine Wieseler (Skidmore College)
“Disability Bioethics: Theoretical and Practical Considerations”
Abraham Graber (University of Texas at San Antonio)
“In Defense of Causing Disability”
Catherine Clune-Taylor (San Diego State University)
“Normalizing Disabled Life: (Re)Thinking Disability Bioethics with Canguilhem”
Laura Cupples (Independent Scholar)
“On Knowing “With” the Disability Community: Collaborative Knowledge and Disability Research”
G9FSociety for Philosophy of Emotion
Topic: Book Symposium: Michael Cholbi, Grief: A Philosophical Guide
Chair: Cecilea Mun (Independent Scholar)
Author: Michael Cholbi (University of Edinburgh)
Commentators: Dave Beisecker (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Purushottama Bilimoria (University of Melbourne and University of California, Berkeley)
Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
Travis Timmerman (Seton Hall University)
G9GSociety for Realist-Antirealist Discussion
Topic: Perception
Speakers: Berit Brogaard (University of Miami)
“A Perceptual Account of Emotional Empathy”
Zoe Drayson (University of California, Davis)
“Abductive vs. Transcendental Arguments for Naïve Realism”
Grace Helton (Princeton University)
“Hallucinations, Dreams, and Virtual Reality”
Otávio Bueno (University of Miami)
“Perception, Content, Experience”
Elijah Chudnoff (University of Miami)
“Perceptual Expertise”
G9HSociety for the Philosophy of Sex and Love
Topic: Consent and Sexual Violence
Chair: Jamie Lindsey (San Francisco State University)
Speakers: Jonathan Ichikawa (University of British Columbia)
“Consent and Dealbreakers: Lessons from Post-Gettier Epistemology”
Audrey Yap (University of Victoria)
“Predators and Good Guys: Divisions that Sustain Rape Culture”
Cassie Herbert (Illinois State University)
“Sexual Violations and Failures of Ecological Repair”
Lauren Leydon-Hardy (Amherst College)
“She Was Older Than Her Years: Epistemic Infringement and Consent”



SATURDAY EVENING, 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.

G10AAssociation for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT)
Topic: Informal Logic and Critical Thinking
Speakers: Jacqueline Alvarez (Fresno City College)
“The Strengths of Induction in Everyday Life”
Vadim Keyser (California State University, Fresno)
“Uncertainty: Tradeoffs Between Accuracy and Generalization”
Carolyn Cusick (California State University, Fresno)
“When Stereotypes are Good Generalizations”
G10BAssociation for Philosophy of Education, Session 2
Topic: Book Symposium: Jennifer Morton, Moving Up Without Losing your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility
Author: Jennifer Morton (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Commentators: Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
David O’Brien (Tulane University)
Gina Schouten (Harvard University)
Robin Zheng (Yale-NUS College)
G10CFoucault Circle
Topic: Book Symposium: Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson, Genealogies of Terrorism
Moderator: Corey McCall (Elmira College)
Speakers: Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson (Syracuse University)
Marcelo Hoffman (Independent Scholar)
Ege Selin Islekel (Fordham University)
G10DInternational Plato Society, Session 2
Topic: Plato’s Later Dialogues: Metaphysics
Chair: Georgia Mouroutsou (University of Western Ontario)
Speakers: Silvia De Bianchi (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
“Acting at the Boundary: Timeless Agency and Cosmology in the Timaeus
Michael J. Augustin (Purdue University)
Thomas Tuozzo (University of Kansas)
“The Being of the One that is Not: Making Sense of Deduction Five in Plato’s Parmenides
G10EInternational Society for Buddhist Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Book Symposium: Evan Thompson, Why I Am Not A Buddhist
Chair: Laura Guerrero (Utah Valley University)
Author: Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia)
Commentators: Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
Jay L. Garfield (Smith College and Harvard University)
G10FInternational Society for Chinese Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Self, Character, and Culture in Chinese Philosophy
Speakers: Jianping Hu (Nanyang Technological University)
“Character or Virtue?: A Xunzian Critique of Situationism”
Jeremy Huang (University of Michigan)
Frank Saunders (University of Hong Kong)
“Is Culture the Cause or the Symptom of Society’s Downfall? An Analysis of Daoist Arguments against Culture”
Yves Vende (Loyola Marymount University)
“Nobility and Education”
Steven Geisz (University of Tampa)
“The Inner/Outer Metaphor in Chinese Philosophy and the Limits of Conceptual Metaphor Theory: A Response to Slingerland”
Sean Drysdale Walsh (University of Minnesota Duluth)
“Xunzi, Mencius, and Empirical Psychology Research on Abuse: Both Extending and Reshaping Nature”
G10GInternational Society for Environmental Ethics, Session 2
Topic: Environmental Ethics: Ethics for a Changing World
Chair: Alexander Lee (Alaska Pacific University)
Speakers: Arthur Obst (University of Washington)
“Demandingness from Despair”
Daniel Callies (University of California, San Diego)
Yasha Rohwer (Oregon Institute of Technology)
“Intentionally Eradicating a Species: Examining the Case against and the Value of Anopheles Gambiae”
Blake Francis (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
“Middle Emissions: Climate Ethics and the Global Middle Class”
G10HPolitical Epistemology Network, Session 2
Topic: Ideologies and Inquiry
Chair: Elizabeth Edenberg (Georgetown University)
Speakers: Giulia Napolitano (Universität zu Köln)
“Conspiracy Theories and Propaganda”
Chelsea Rosenthal (Simon Fraser University)
“Knowledge and Neutrality”
Klemens Kappel (Københavns Universitet)
“Science in Public Reason”
G10ISociety for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Best Papers by Emerging Scholars 2019
Chair: John Inglis (University of Dayton)
Speakers: Joseph Stenberg (San José State University)
“Delectata Virtuosa Opera: Aquinas on Graced Imperfect Happiness”
Milo Crimi (University of California, Los Angeles)
“Ockham’s Logical Modism and Ontological Anti-Modism”
Benjamin Block (Thomas Aquinas College)
“Thomas Aquinas on Knowing Essences and Substances”
G10JSociety for Mexican-American Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Confronting Oppressive Social Structures
Chair: Joel Martinez (Lewis & Clark College)
Presenters: Julio Covarrubias (University of Washington)
“Facing the Genocidal Present: White Supremacy, White Terrorism, and Anti-Mexican Violence”
Teresa Bruno-Niño (Syracuse University)
“Group Well-being and Paternalism”
Cody Dout (University of Washington)
“Seasoning Through Diagnosis: Special Education, White ‘Judgement,’ and the Grooming of Black Children”
G10KSociety for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Session 2
Speakers: Serge Grigoriev (Ithaca College)
“Emerson on Displacement and Transcending the Past”
Robert Main (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
“The Influence of Swedenborg and James, Sr. on Peirce’s Synechisticism”
Paul Showler (University of Oregon)
“Towards a Pragmatist Account of Moral Prophesy in Dewey & Rorty”
G10LSociety for the History of Political Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Cosmology, Psychology, and Political Life
Chair: Charlie Barrett (Xavier University)
Speakers: Evan Coulter (Tulane University)
“Mind and Necessity in Plato’s Timaeus
Matthew Oberrieder (Rogers State University)
“Paradise Versus Political Life”
Steven Berg (Bellarmine University)
“The City of God and the Celestial Athens: Dante’s Disputation on the Best Regime”
G10MVirtue Ethics Group
Topic: Book Symposium: Tami Yaguri, Unraveling Life’s Riddle
Chair: Dana Lloyd (Washington University in St. Louis)
Author: Tami Yaguri (Ono Academic College)
Critics: Anna Bialek (Washington University in St. Louis)
Gordon Marino (St. Olaf College)
Edward Mooney (Syracuse University)
Delia Popa (Villanova University)
Leore Rinott (Tel Aviv University)

SATURDAY EVENING, 6:00 - 9:00 P.M.

G11ANorth American Spinoza Society
Chair: Kristin Primus (University of California, Berkeley)
Speakers: Eugene Marshall (Florida International University)
“Reconsidering a Central Feature of Spinoza’s Psychology”
Raphael Krut-Landau (University of Pennsylvania)
“The Middle Standpoint in Spinoza’s Ethics”
Aaron West (University of California, Los Angeles)
“Understanding (in) 1ax4: From Cognition to Definition and Essence and Back”
G11BSociety for Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy
Topic: Phenomenology and Metaphysics
Chair: David Woodruff Smith (University of California, Irvine)
Speakers: Michelle Montague (University of Texas at Austin)
Katherine Dunlop (University of Texas at Austin)
Kyle Banick (University of California, Irvine)
Clinton Tolley (University of California, San Diego)
Chad Kidd (City College of New York)
G11CWestern Phenomenology Conference
Topic: Time and Life
Chair: Jason Winfree (California State University Stanislaus)
Speakers: Gerard Kuperus (University of San Francisco)
“The Experience of Time: Reflections on Slowness in an Age of Technology”
Daniela Vallega-Neu (University of Oregon)
“The Temporal Delimitation of Bodies”
Joshua Kerr (University of Oregon)
“Vegetal Temporalities”
G11DWilfrid Sellars Society
Topic: Sellars and Process
Chair: Jessica Ludescher Imanaka (Seattle University)
Speakers: Andrew MacDonald (University of California, Riverside)
“Agency and Empiricism, and the Philosophy of Mind”
Pierre Keller (University of California, Riverside)
“Sellars’ Temporal Perspectivism and the Dynamics of Reason”
Sebastian Luft (Marquette University)
“The Myth of Culture”

SATURDAY EVENING, 8:00 - 10:00 P.M.

G12ASociety for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Islamic Philosophy
Chair: John Inglis (University of Dayton)
Speakers: Reza Hadisi (Princeton University)
“Ghazālī’s Account of Knowledge Through Imagination”
Eriko Okamoto (Georgetown University)
“The Arabic Reception of Parva Naturalia: In the Case of Farabi’s Theory of Dreaming and Prophecy”
Celia Byrne (MacEwan University)
“The Relationship Between Aristotle’s Prime Mover and Avicenna’s Necessary Existent”
Muhammad U. Faruque (Fordham University)
“Transcending the Ordinary Self: Self-Cultivation and Human Flourishing in Islamic Philosophy”
G12BSociety for the History of Political Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Passions of the Soul
Chair: Steven Berg (Bellarmine University)
Speakers: Cynthia Ma (Tulane University)
“On Tyrannic Love in Plato’s Republic
Nathan Davis (Boston College)
“Rereading Rousseau on Pity, the Expansive Force of the Heart”
Charlie Barrett (Xavier University)
“The Art of Hyperbole: The Good and Evil of Nietzsche’s Misogyny”