1ABook Symposium: Julia Joráti, Leibniz on Causation and Agency
Chair: Kristopher Phillips (Southern Utah University)
Speakers:Chloe Armstrong (Lawrence University)
Martin Lin (Rutgers University)
John Whipple (University of California, Irvine)
Julia Joráti (Ohio State University)
1BBook Symposium: Jessica Flanigan, Pharmaceutical Freedom
Chair: Ryan Davis (Brigham Young University)
Speakers:Bryan Cwik (Portland State University)
Jonathan Quong (University of Southern California)
Jessica Flanigan (University of Richmond)
1CInvited Symposium: Animal Minds
Chair:Mark Budolfson (University of Vermont)
Speakers:Robert Mitchell (Eastern Kentucky University)
Colin Allen (University of Pittsburgh)
Commentator:Molly Josephson (University of California, Santa Barbara)
1DInvited Symposium: How Heavy is the Standard Kilogram?
Chair:Paul Teller (University of California, Davis)
Speakers:Eran Tal (McGill University)
Mark Wilson (University of Pittsburgh)
J. E. Wolff (King’s College London)
1EInvited Symposium: Knowledge, Truth, and Epistemic Utility Theory
Chair:Daniel Fogal (New York University)
Speakers:Branden Fitelson (Northeastern University)
Julien Dutant (King’s College London)
Commentator:Sara Aronowitz (University of Michigan)
1FInvited Symposium: Moral Luck
Chair:Graham Hubbs (University of Idaho)
Speakers:Grace Campbell (University of North Carolina Asheville)
Gregg Caruso (Corning Community College)
Justin Caouette (University of Calgary)
Philip Swenson (College of William and Mary)
1GInvited Symposium: The Ancient Imagination in Philosophy, Science, and Art
Chair:Angela Curran (Kansas State University)
Speakers:Courtney Ann Roby (Cornell University)
“The Visualization of Ancient Philosophy 1” [abstract]
Gábor Betegh (University of Cambridge)
“The Visualization of Ancient Philosophy 2” [abstract]
Robert Wardy (University of Cambridge)
“The Visualization of Ancient Philosophy 3” [abstract]
1HColloquium: Eudaimonia and Knowledge
Chair: Michael Pace (Chapman University)
Speaker:Brian Kim (Oklahoma State University)
“Only Knowers Live Well” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Luis Oliveira (University of Houston)
Chair: Roy Lee (Stanford University)
Speaker:Adam Blincoe (Longwood University)
“Aristotelian Eudaimonism Is Not Motivationally Egoistic or Self-effacing” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Marta Jimenez (Emory University)
Chair: Bjorn Wastvedt (University of Arizona)
Speaker:Bryan Reece (University of Toronto)
“Aristotle on Theoretical and Practical Wisdom” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Marta Heckel (Cornell University)
1IColloquium: Fundamental Physics
Chair: Christina Conroy (Morehead State University)
Speaker:Daniel Murphy (State University of New York College at Cortland)
“A Problem for Fundamental Atomic Facts” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Alexander Jackson (Boise State University)
Chair: Maria Balcells (Bucknell University)
Speaker:David Glick (Ithaca College)
“Pluralist Structural Realism: The Best of Both Worlds?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Zee Perry (Rutgers University)
Chair: Seán Pierce (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:James Otis (University of Rochester)
“Physicalism and Fundamental Mentality: Saying No to the No Fundamental Mentality Constraint” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ranpal Dosanjh (Iowa State University)
1JColloquium: Political Philosophy
Chair: Keith Hankins (Chapman University)
Speaker:Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State University)
“Rebuilding after Disaster: Inequality and the Political Importance of Place” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Anthony Neal (Mississippi State University)
Chair: Miranda Triay (San Francisco State University)
Speaker:Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer (Ohio State University)
“Identifying Exploitation and Providing Care: Unifying the Capabilities Approach and Feminist Contractarianism” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Elvira Basevich (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Chair: Jessica Davis (University of California, San Diego and Columbia University)
Speaker:Eric Rowse (University of Missouri)
“Democratic Egalitarianism and the Indifference Objection” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Sameer Bajaj (University of Arizona)
1KColloquium: Social Ontology
Chair: Alyssa Ney (University of California, Davis)
Speaker:Richard Lauer (St. Lawrence University)
“Scientific Social Ontology? Objecting to Kincaid on the Existence of Social Classes” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Elanor Taylor (Johns Hopkins University)
Chair: Anthony Nguyen (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Nurbay Irmak (Boğaziçi University)
“The Problem of Creation and Abstract Artifacts” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Asya Passinsky (Dartmouth College)
Chair: Eric Tracy (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:David Smith (University of New England)
“How Ideologies Get Their Functions” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Steve Downes (University of Utah)
1LAPA Committee Session: Multicultural Philosophy and Transformative Experience
Arranged by the APA Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies
Chair:Adrian Currie (University of Cambridge)
Speakers:Nilanjan Das (New York University Shanghai)
“Transformative Speech” [abstract]
Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Michigan)
“White Ignorance and How to Overcome It”
Julianne Chung (University of Louisville)
Wuwei as Transformative Experience”
Commentator:L. A. Paul (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


2ABook Symposium: Angela Potochnik, Idealization and the Aims of Science
Chair: Adrian Currie (University of Cambridge)
Speakers:Catherine Elgin (Harvard University)
Bradford Skow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Michael Strevens (New York University)
Angela Potochnik (University of Cincinnati)
2BBook Symposium: Adil Haque, Law and Morality at War
Chair: Kory Schaff (California State University, Los Angeles)
Speakers:Susanne Burri (London School of Economics)
Kai Draper (University of Delaware)
David Lefkowitz (University of Richmond)
Adil Haque (Rutgers University)
2CInvited Symposium: Aristotle
Chair:Kelly Arenson (Duquesne University)
Speakers:Jessica Gelber (University of Pittsburgh)
Corinne Gartner (Wellesley College)
Commentators:Jozef Muller (University of California, Riverside)
Margaret Scharle (Reed College)
2DInvited Symposium: Ideal and Non-ideal in Epistemology and Political Theory
Chair:Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M University)
Speakers:Anna-Maria Eder (Northeastern University)
“Epistemology Without Ideal Agents” [abstract]
David Wiens (University of California, San Diego)
“Ideal Theory and Game Theory: Insights From An Analogy”
Commentator:Nathan Ballantyne (Fordham University)
2EInvited Symposium: Obligation
Chair:Brendan de Kenessey (Harvard University)
Speakers:Jorah Dannenberg (Stanford University)
Stephen Darwall (Yale University)
Margaret Gilbert (University of California, Irvine)
2FInvited Symposium: Perception and Consciousness in Indian Philosophy
Chair:Krupa Patel (University of New Mexico)
Speakers:Amit Chaturvedi (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
“First-Order Representationalism and the Navya Nyāya Theory of Perceptual Consciousness” [abstract]
Nilanjan Das (New York University Shanghai)
“A Way Out for the Naïve Realist: Applying Nyāya to Total Hallucinations” [abstract]
John Spackman (Middlebury College)
“Is Meditative Experience Nonconceptual?”
Commentators:Alex Byrne (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
Paula Droege (Pennsylvania State University)
2GColloquium: Aesthetics
Chair: Ricky Mouser (Indiana University Bloomington)
Speaker:James Harold (Mount Holyoke College)
“The Value of Fidelity in Adaptation” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michelle Saint (Arizona State University)
Chair: Santiago Sanchez-Borboa (University of Arizona)
Speaker:Antonia Peacocke (University of California, Berkeley)
“What Poetry Teaches” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:James Shelley (Auburn University)
Chair: Dai Heide (Simon Fraser University)
Speaker:Janum Sethi (University of Michigan)
“Two Feelings in the Beautiful: Kant on the Structure of Judgments of Beauty” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Yoon Choi (Marquette University)
2HColloquium: Philosophy of Psychology
Chair: Arnel Blake Batoon (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:Bryce Gessell (Duke University)
“Early Modern Neurons: Swedenborg’s Doctrine of the Cerebellua” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Rotem Herrmann (University of California, Riverside)
Chair: Andrew Bollhagen (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Thomas Ames (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
“Towards a Three-factor Approach to Monothematic Delusion” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jeremy Pober (University of California, Riverside)
Chair: Paul Schollmeier (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Speaker:Diana Heney (Fordham University)
“Mental Disorder As A Puzzle For Constitutivism” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Serife Tekin (Daemen College)
2IColloquium: The Metaphysics of Free Will
Chair: Neal Tognazzini (Western Washington University)
Speaker:Andrew Law (University of California, Riverside)
“From the Fixity of the Past to the Fixity of the Independent” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Eric Funkhouser (University of Arkansas)
Chair: Brian Looper (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:John Lemos (Coe College)
“Should Event-causal Libertarians Prefer Mele’s Daring Libertarianism to Kane’s View?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kelly McCormick (Texas Christian University)
Chair: Luis Cheng-Guajardo (Santa Clara University)
Speaker:Rick Stoody (Gonzaga University)
“Undermining the Principle of Alternative Possibilities” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:David Palmer (University of Tennessee)
2JSymposium: Conditionals
Chair: Sean Donahue (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Paolo Santorio (University of California, San Diego)
“Conditional Excluded Middle in Informational Semantics” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Theodore Korzukhin (Ithaca College)
Seth Yalcin (University of California, Berkeley)
2KAPA Committee Session: Curricular Decisions Regarding the Future of AP Philosophy
Arranged by the APA Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy
Chair:Kristopher Phillips (Southern Utah University)
Speakers:Marisol Brito (Metropolitan State University)
Chris Freiler (Independent Scholar)
Jessica Davis (University of California, San Diego and Columbia University)


3ABook Symposium: Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr. and Carlos Alberto Sánchez, Mexican Philosophy in the 20th Century
Chair: Lori Gallegos (Texas State University-San Marcos)
Speakers:Amy Oliver (American University)
Manuel Vargas (University of California, San Diego)
Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr. (Mount St. Mary’s University)
Carlos Alberto Sánchez (San Jose State University)
3BBook Symposium: Max Deutsch, The Myth of the Inuitive
Chair: Jonathan Weinberg (University of Arizona)
Speakers:Joshua Alexander (Siena College)
John Bengson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Janet Levin (University of Southern California)
Max Deutsch (University of Hong Kong)
3CInvited Symposium: Epictetus
Chair:Monte Johnson (University of California, San Diego)
Speakers:Scott Aikin (Vanderbilt University)
“A Puzzle about Valuational and Epistemic Priority in Enchiridion 52”
William Stephens (Creighton University)
“Dissociative Identities, Integrity of Mind, and the Olympics of the Soul: Interpreting Enchiridion 29” [abstract]
Commentator:Brian Johnson (Fordham University)
3DInvited Symposium: Moral Ideology and Social Change
Chair:Aaron Zimmerman (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speakers:Peter Railton (University of Michigan)
Jason Stanley (Yale University)
Commentator:Liam Kofi Bright (Carnegie Mellon University and London School of Economics)
3EInvited Symposium: Perceptual Capacities
Chair:Zoe Drayson (University of California, Davis)
Speakers:Ram Neta (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Michael Martin (University College London and University California, Berkeley)
Jonathan Cohen (University of California, San Diego)
Commentator:Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers University)
3FInvited Symposium: Psychiatry and the Self
Chair:Jonathan Y. Tsou (Iowa State University)
Speakers:Kathryn Tabb (Columbia University)
“Can Psychiatry be Precise? Psychiatric Nosology and 21st-Century Medicine” [abstract]
Dominic Murphy (University of Sydney)
“Reinventing Psychiatry: Science and Ethics”
Valerie Hardcastle (University of Cincinnati)
“Understanding Home-Grown Terrorism: Self-Determination, Self-Radicalization, and Self-Incrimination”
3GInvited Symposium: The Nature and Significance of Harm
Chair:Kyle Dickey (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speakers:Matthew Hanser (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Molly Gardner (Bowling Green State University)
Commentator:Duncan Purves (University of Florida)
3HColloquium: Agency
Chair: Jeremy Dickinson (California Polytechnic State University)
Speaker:Jonathan Payton (University of Toronto)
“Mere Manifestations of Agency?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Garrett Pendergraft (Pepperdine University)
Chair: Nicholas D. Smith (Lewis & Clark College)
Speaker:Roman Altshuler (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
“Temporalized Constitutivism and Free Agency” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ariela Tubert (University of Puget Sound)
3IColloquium: Belief and Desire
Chair: Juliana Lima (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:Paolo Bonardi (Metropolitan University and Université de Genève)
“Salmon, Schiffer, and Frege’s Constraint” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Gary Ostertag (The Graduate Center, CUNY and Nassau Community College)
Chair: Tanya Kostochka (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Ethan Jerzak (University of California, Berkeley)
“Paradoxical Desires” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kim Johnston (University of California, Los Angeles)
3JColloquium: History of Metaphysics
Chair: Herminia Reyes (San Diego State University)
Speaker:Michael Szlachta (University of Toronto)
“An Intellectualist Conception of Human Freedom” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:David Sanson (Illinois State University)
Chair: Joseph J. Lynch (California Polytechnic State University)
Speaker:Brian Barnett (University of Rochester)
“An Epistemic Assessment of the Modal Ontological Argument” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Tomás Bogardus (Pepperdine University)
3KColloquium: Names
Chair: Grant A. Marler (Claremont Graduate University)
Speaker:Junhyo Lee (University of Southern California)
“On the Uniformity of Proper Names” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Julie Yoo (California State University, Northridge)
Chair: Yuna Won (Cornell University)
Speaker:Jeonggyu Lee (Independent Scholar)
“Against Predicativism of Names” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Sam Cumming (University of California, Los Angeles)
3LSymposium: Quantum Physics
Chair: Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University)
Speaker:Eddy Keming Chen (Rutgers University)
“The Intrinsic Structure of the Quantum World: Progress in Field’s Nominalistic Program” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Thomas Barrett (Princeton University)
Rhys Borchert (University of Arizona)




4ABook Symposium: Matti Eklund, Choosing Normative Concepts
Chair: Shamik Dasgupta (University of California, Berkeley)
Speakers:William FitzPatrick (University of Rochester)
Stephanie Leary (Indiana University Bloomington)
Tristram McPherson (Ohio State University)
Matti Eklund (Uppsala Universitet)
4BBook Symposium: Craig Callender, What Makes Time Special?
Chair: Steven Savitt (University of British Columbia)
Speakers:David Albert (Columbia University)
Carl Hoefer (Universitat de Barcelona)
Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame)
Craig Callender (University of California, San Diego)
4CInvited Paper: Cultural Appropriation
Chair: Dominic McIver Lopes (University of British Columbia)
Speakers:C. Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University)
Matthew Strohl (University of Montana)
“Cultural appropriation and the intimacy of groups” [abstract]
Commentators:Erich Hatala Matthes (Wellesley College)
Nick Riggle (University of California, San Diego)
4DInvited Paper: Philosophy of Climate Science
Chair: Joan McGregor (Arizona State University)
Speaker:Elisabeth Lloyd (Indiana University Bloomington)
“What is Worse—Warning or no Warning? Values and Extreme Climate Events”
Commentators:Jay Odenbaugh (Lewis & Clark College)
Eric Winsberg (University of South Florida)
4EInvited Symposium: Perseverance
Chair:Alan Wilson (Wake Forest University)
Speakers:Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma)
“Hope and Resilience”
Jason Baehr (Loyola Marymount University)
“Intellectual Patience”
Nathan King (Whitworth University)
“Intellectual Perseverance, Grit, and the Growth Mindset”
Heather Battaly (University of Connecticut)
“Slackers, Quitters, and Procrastinators”
4FInvited Symposium: Practical Reason: Aristotelian and Kantian Perspectives
Chair:E. Sonny Elizondo (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speakers:Stephen Engstrom (University of Pittsburgh)
Gavin Lawrence (University of California, Los Angeles)
Jeremy Fix (Auburn University)
4GInvited Symposium: Serial Killers, Psychopaths, and Unusual Minds
Chair:Jenna Schaal-O’Connor (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speakers:Carmela Epright (Independent Scholar)
“Mass Shootings: Masculinity, Not Psychosis or Psychopathy”
Andrew Winters (Slippery Rock University)
“The Perversion of Eating Your Own”
Jerry Piven (Independent Scholar)
“The Ubiquity of Psychopathology and the Quandaries This Imposes for Determining “Reality””
Commentators:Richard Greene (Weber State University)
Hannah Wilder (Furman University)
4HColloquium: Animals and Species
Chair: Dzintra Ullis (Simon Fraser University)
Speaker:Beckett Sterner (Arizona State University)
“The Evolutionary Independence of Species in Light of Population Genomics” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Matt Haber (University of Utah)
Chair: Mark Woods (University of San Diego)
Speaker:Nicolas Delon (University of Chicago)
“Urban Animals as Captives” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Clair Morrissey (Occidental College)
Chair: Sevcan Gugumcu (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:James Kintz (Saint Louis University)
“Revisiting the Substance-artifact Distinction: Or, Why Aristotle Went Organic Before It Was Cool” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Willie Costello (Stanford University)
4IColloquium: Disagreement
Chair: Tanya Hall (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Zach Barnett (Brown University)
“Belief Dependence: How Do the Numbers Count?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Rachael Briggs (Stanford University)
Chair: Irena Cronin (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:James Fritz (Ohio State University)
“What Pessimism About Moral Deference Means for Disagreement” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Daniel Munoz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Chair: Tinghao Wang (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Joshua May (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)
“Does Peer Disagreement Warrant Moral Skepticism?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Daniel Haas (Red Deer College)
4JColloquium: History of Epistemology
Chair: Paul Tulipana (Stanford University)
Speaker:Jessica Williams (University of South Florida)
“Kant and the Science of Empirical Schemata” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Thomas Land (Ryerson University)
Chair: Melinda Campbell (National University)
Speaker:James Dominic Rooney (Saint Louis University)
“When is the Self-evident Evident? Thomas Reid and the Evidence of First Principles” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Lewis Powell (University at Buffalo)
4KColloquium: Speech Act Theory
Chair: Jennifer J. Matey (Southern Methodist University)
Speaker:Samia Hesni (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Deviant Assertion: When Relying on Accommodation is Preferable” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Katherine Ritchie (City College of New York)
Chair: Ryan Shaver (California State University, Long Beach)
Speaker:Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini (Rutgers University)
“Slurs are Directives” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Robin Jeshion (University of Southern California)
Chair: Jonathan Wright (University of Southern California)
Speakers:Peter Hawke (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
“Assertability Semantics for Conditionals, Quantification, and Modality” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Anthony Gillies (University of Michigan)
4LColloquium: The First Person Perspective
Chair: Dorit Bar-On (University of Connecticut)
Speaker:Bryan Chambliss (University of Arizona)
“Communicating Essentially Indexical Thoughts” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael Rieppel (Syracuse University)
Chair: Alan Goldman (College of William and Mary)
Speaker:Meghant Sudan (Colby College)
“Kant’s Cogito Argument as the Principle of Transcendental Philosophy” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Tim Jankowiak (Towson University)
Chair: Jim Hutchinson (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker:Amir Arturo Javier-Castellanos (Syracuse University)
“Two 3D Cohabitants Are One Too Many Thinkers” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Catherine Sutton (Virginia Commonwealth University)
4MAPA Committee Session: Diversity in Philosophy Journals
Arranged by the APA Committee on Inclusiveness
Chair:Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California, Riverside)
Speakers:Liam Kofi Bright (Carnegie Mellon University and London School of Economics)
Sherri Conklin (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton University)
Manyul Im (University of Bridgeport)
Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Michigan)
Anita Silvers (San Francisco State University)
Commentators:Bruce Barry (Vanderbilt University)
Christian Barry (Australian National University)
David Boonin (University of Colorado Boulder)
Otávio Bueno (University of Miami)
Stewart Cohen (University of Arizona)
Graeme Forbes (University of Colorado Boulder)
Peter Graham (University of California, Riverside)
Stephen Hetherington (University of New South Wales)
David Hunter (Ryerson University)
Rebecca Kukla (Georgetown University)
Franklin Perkins (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Henry S. Richardson (Georgetown University)
Achille Varzi (Columbia University)
Andrea Woody (University of Washington)
Jack Zupko (University of Alberta)
4NAPA Committee Session: Teaching the Intellectual Virtues
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy
Chair:Mark Jensen (United States Air Force Academy)
Speakers:Brian Bruya (Eastern Michigan University)
“Fostering Wisdom in the Classroom” [abstract]
Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin)
“Learning How to Critique Respectfully”
Noell Birondo (Wichita State University)
“Fostering Virtuous Inquiry: Ownership and Other Intellectual Virtues”
Kirsten Welch (Western Michigan University)
“Teaching Intellectual Humility: Refuting Relativism and Experiencing Aporia”
Vadim Keyser (California State University, Fresno)
“Teaching Analytical Navigation”


5ABook Symposium: Jonathan Ichikawa, Contextualising Knowledge: Epistemology and Semantics
Chair: Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (University of Miami)
Speakers:Geoff Pynn (Northern Illinois University)
Kurt Sylvan (University of Southampton)
Alex Worsnip (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Jonathan Ichikawa (University of British Columbia)
5BBook Symposium: Justin Snedegar, Contrastive Reasons
Chair: Jason Raibley (California State University, Long Beach)
Speakers:Jeff Behrends (Harvard University)
Hille Paakkunainen (Syracuse University)
Ralph Wedgwood (University of Southern California)
Justin Snedegar (University of St. Andrews)
5CInvited Symposium: Does Neuroscience Need Theory?
Chair:Cory Wright (California State University, Long Beach)
Speakers:Patricia Churchland (University of California, San Diego)
“Blending Computational and Experimental Strategies in Neuroscience”
John Bickle (Mississippi State University and University of Mississippi Medical Center)
“Tool Development Drives Progress in Neurobiology, and Engineering (Not Deep Theory) Drives Tool Development: The Case of the Patch Clamp” [abstract]
Rick Grush (University of California, San Diego)
“Why Do We Care about Neuroscience?”
Mazviita Chirimuuta (University of Pittsburgh)
“Why Neuroscience (as Opposed to Neurotechnology) Needs Theory, and Why it May Not Get it: The Case of Decoding Algorithms.” [abstract]
5DInvited Symposium: The Aesthetics of Monuments & Monumentality
Chair:Julie C. Van Camp (California State University, Long Beach)
Speakers:Sandra Shapshay (Indiana University Bloomington)
Karen Gover (Bennington College)
Jeanine Schroer (University of Minnesota Duluth)
Shen-yi Liao (University of Puget Sound)
5EColloquium: Automaticity and Prejudice
Chair: Joseph E. Harroff (East Stroudsburg University)
Speaker:Asia Ferrin (American University)
“Moral Education and Automaticity” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Matt Braich (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Lucy Allais (University of the Witwatersrand and University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Jessica Wright (University of Toronto)
“Cognitive Control and Implicit Attitudes” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jack Woods (University of Leeds)
Chair: James Tabery (University of Utah)
Speaker:Emma McClure (University of Toronto)
“What’s Aggressive about Microaggressions?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Sam Sumpter (University of Washington)
5FColloquium: Love and Forgiveness
Chair: Jordan Wolf (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:Carter Johnson (Arizona State University)
“Reasons for Love: Against the Substitution Argument” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ingrid Albrecht (Lawrence University)
Chair: Kiran Bhardwaj (Independent Scholar)
Speaker:Craig Agule (Rutgers-Camden)
“Forgiving and Forgetting” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Paul Hughes (University of Michigan-Dearborn)
Chair: Kaitlin Louise Pettit (University of Utah)
Speaker:Sungwoo Um (Duke University)
“Against Duty to Love” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:S. Matthew Liao (New York University)
5GColloquium: Metaethics
Chair: Simona Capisani (San Francisco State University)
Speaker:Chris King (Miami University of Ohio)
“Is Normative Consent a Theory of Authority” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Danny Weltman (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Alex King (University at Buffalo)
Speaker:Devon Brickhouse-Bryson (Lynchburg College)
“Reflective Equilibrium, Judgments of Coherence, and Judgments of Beauty” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Melissa Zinkin (Binghamton University)
Chair: Catherine Hochman (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:Matthew Scarfone (McGill University)
“Moorean Arguments: Uses and Abuses” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kathryn Lindeman (Saint Louis University)
5HColloquium: Perception
Chair: Ashley Feinsigner (University of San Diego)
Speaker:Alexander Stern (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
“”The Familiar Face of a Word”: Wittgenstein and Benjamin on the Experience of Meaning” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Janette Dinishak (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Chair: Fidel Arnecillo (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and California State University, San Bernardino)
Speaker:Rami Ali (Lebanese American University)
“Agency, Dissimulation, and Social Perception” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Eli Alshanetsky (Stanford University)
Chair: Dave Beisecker (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Speakers:Jacob Berger (Idaho State University)
Myrto Mylopoulos (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Is Visual Masking Evidence for Unconscious Perception?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kateryna Samoilova (California State University–Chico)
5IColloquium: Skepticism
Chair: Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser University)
Speaker:Kristen Irwin (Loyola University Chicago)
“The Role of Moral Knowledge in Pierre Bayle’s Skepticism” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kate Abramson (Indiana University Bloomington)
Chair: Brad Armendt (Arizona State University)
Speaker:Gregory Stoutenburg (York College of Pennsylvania)
“Knowledge Attributions, Practicability, and Norms of Assertion” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:David Alexander (Iowa State University)
Chair: Ian Duckles (San Diego Mesa College)
Speaker:Bowen Chan (University of Toronto)
“Scepticism, Custom, and Hume: Philosophy’s Place in Common Life” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Russell Wahl (Idaho State University)
5JAPA Committee Session: Defining Disability
Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy and Medicine
Chair:Jennifer Hawkins (Duke University)
Speakers:Adam Cureton (University of Tennessee)
“Disability and the Importance of Personal Aims and Projects”
Joseph Stramondo (San Diego State University)
“Prioritizing the Pragmatic When Choosing a Theory of Disability”
David Wasserman (National Institutes of Health)
“Should We Try to Define Disability Non-normatively? Lessons from the 40-Year Debate on the Value-neutrality of Health and Disease”
5KAPA Committee Session: Romanell Lecture
Arranged by the APA Committee on Lectures, Publications and Research
Chair:Holly Andersen (Simon Fraser University)
Speaker:Peter Carruthers (University of Maryland)
“Animal Consciousness” [abstract]
5LAPA Committee Session: The Intersections between Philosophy in Schools and Public Philosophy
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy
Chair:Jana Mohr Lone (University of Washington)
Speakers:Michael Burroughs (California State University, Bakersfield)
“Broadening the Reach of Philosophy”
Steven Swartzer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
“Ethics Bowl and Philosophy in Schools”
Kyle Robertson (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Philosophy in Prisons and Philosophy in Schools”
Joseph S. Biehl (Independent Scholar)
Marisa Diaz-Waian (Independent Scholar)
“Philosophy in the Community” [abstract]


6ABook Symposium: Vrinda Dalmiya, Caring to Know: Comparative Care Ethics, Feminist Epistemology, and the Mahabhartha
Chair: Ashby Butnor (Colorado State University)
Speakers:Linda Martín Alcoff (Hunter College)
Eva Kittay (Stony Brook University)
Keya Maitra (University of North Carolina Asheville)
Vrinda Dalmiya (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
6BBook Symposium: Simon Huttegger, The Probabilistic Foundations of Rational Learning
Chair: Glenn Ross (Franklin and Marshall College)
Speakers:James Joyce (University of Michigan)
Jan-Willem Romeijn (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Sandy Zabell (Northwestern University)
Simon Huttegger (University of California, Irvine)
6CSpecial Memorial Session: Marilyn McCord Adams
Chair:William FitzPatrick (University of Rochester)
Speakers:Keith DeRose (Yale University)
“Marilyn Adams and the Defeat of Horrendous Evils”
Derk Pereboom (Cornell University)
“Marilyn Adams’s Contributions to Philosophy”
Cecilia Trifogli (Oxford University)
“Some Medieval Views about the Subject of Thought”
Marleen Rozemond (University of Toronto)
“Teleology in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy” [abstract]
Robert Adams (Rutgers University)
“Welcoming Remarks”
6DInvited Symposium: Contempt and Mockery
Chair:Cynthia Stark (University of Utah)
Speakers:Macalester Bell (Bryn Mawr College)
“Derisive Dissent”
Karen E. Stohr (Georgetown University)
“The Moral Boundaries of Mockery” [abstract]
Commentator:Michelle Mason (University of Minnesota)
6EInvited Symposium: Kant on Life
Chair:Rosalind Chaplin (University of California, San Diego)
Speakers:Nick Stang (University of Toronto)
Karen Ng (Vanderbilt University)
Sasha Newton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
6FInvited Symposium: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Modality
Chair:Anand Vaidya (San Jose State University)
Speakers:Antonella Mallozzi (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Jennifer Wang (Simon Fraser University)
Commentators:Boris Kment (Princeton University)
Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers University)
6GColloquium: Medical Ethics
Chair: Kathleen Connelly (University of California–San Diego)
Speaker:Heather Gert (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
“Valid Consent and the Altruistic Misconception” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Andrew McAninch (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Chair: Alex Rajczi (Claremont McKenna College)
Speaker:Phil Shadd (Independent Scholar)
“Institutional Refusal to Assist in Dying: The Positive Case” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael Cholbi (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
6HColloquium: Philosophy of Mind
Chair: Alex LeBrun (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:John Jung Park (Oakland University)
“Why Moral Judgment is Not a Natural Kind” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Dan Kelly (Purdue University)
Chair: Nick Munn (University of Waikato)
Speaker:Emine Tuna (Brown University)
“Out of Mind, Out of Sight” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Eric Peterson (Creighton University)
6IColloquium: The Metaphysics of Art
Chair: John Cleary (Raritan Valley Community College)
Speaker:Jessica Adkins (Saint Louis University)
“Postmodern Jazz and the Ontology of Improvisation: Should Jon Benjamin Really Have Learned to Play the Piano?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:William Day (Le Moyne College)
Chair: Robert Barnard (University of Mississippi)
Speaker:Michel-Antoine Xhignesse (University of British Columbia)
“Three Problems for Art-ontological Descriptivism” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Joseph Ulatowski (University of Waikato)
6JSymposium: Aristotle on Revenge
Chair: Emily Hulme (Princeton University)
Speaker:Krisanna Scheiter (Union College)
“Honor, Worth, and Justified Revenge in Aristotle” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Jeremy Reid (University of Arizona)
Julie Tannenbaum (Pomona College)
6KSymposium: Compositional Semantics
Chair: Ivano Caponigro (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Alex Silk (University of Birmingham)
“Semantics with Assignment Variables” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Dilip Ninan (Tufts University)
Brian Rabern (University of Edinburgh)
6LSymposium: Social Contract Theory
Chair: Corey Barnes (University of San Diego)
Speaker:Michael Moehler (Virginia Tech)
“Multilevel Social Contract Theory” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Daniela Dover (University of California, Los Angeles)
Peter Vanderschraaf (University of California, Merced)
6MAPA Committee Session: Book Symposium: Stephen C. Ferguson, Philosophy of African American Studies
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers
Speakers:John McClendon (Michigan State University)
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò (University of California, Los Angeles)
Jared Rodriguez (Northwestern University)
Commentator:Stephen Ferguson (North Carolina State University)
6NAPA Committee Session: Indigenous Contributions in Existentialism, Ethics, Metaphysics, and Social Political Philosophy
Arranged by the APA Committee on Native American Indigenous Philosophers
Chair:Alejandro Santana (University of Portland)
Speakers:James Maffie (University of Maryland)
“Mexica Ethics: Balance, Nepantla, and Weaving the Good Life” [abstract]
Sebastian Purcell (State University of New York College at Cortland)
“On What There ‘Is’: The Aztec Approach Existence and Causation” [abstract]
Krista Arias (University of British Columbia Okanagan)
“Temazcalli: Crying, Bleeding, and the Psycho-politics of Water Womb and Woman”
Brian Yazzie Burkhart (California State University, Northridge)
“We are Made from Red Earth: Cherokee Decolonial Existentialism from the Land”




7ABook Symposium: Kirk Ludwig, From Individual to Plural Agency: Collective Action I
Chair: Steven Norris (University of California, Irvine)
Speakers:Michael E. Bratman (Stanford University)
Sara Rachel Chant (Tulane University of New Orleans)
Abraham Roth (Ohio State University)
Kirk Ludwig (Indiana University Bloomington)
7BBook Symposium: Daniel Z. Korman, Objects: Nothing out of the Ordinary
Chair: Irem Kurtsal Steen (Boğaziçi University)
Speakers:Maegan Fairchild (University of Southern California)
John Hawthorne (University of Southern California)
Megan Wallace (University of Kentucky)
Daniel Z. Korman (University of California, Santa Barbara)
7CInvited Paper: Digital Humanities and Philosophy: The Application of Distant Reading Methods
Chair: James Zainaldin (Harvard University)
Speaker:Paul Dilley (University of Iowa)
“Distant Reading and Intellectual History: The Promises and Pitfalls of Tracking Philosophical Concepts Across the Centuries Algorithmically”
Commentators:Mark Schiefsky (Harvard University)
7DInvited Symposium: Epistemology and Injustice in Stem Cell Clinics
Chair:Melinda Fagan (University of Utah)
Speakers:Miriam Solomon (Temple University)
“Epistemic Collusion in Stem Cell Clinics”
Moti Gorin (Colorado State University)
“Fake medicine”
Ubaka Ogbogu (University of Alberta)
“Medicine without science: What we know about the global stem cell treatment industry”
Nora Berenstain (University of Tennessee)
“Stem Cell Clinics, Inductive Risk, and Epistemic Marginalization”
7EInvited Symposium: Reactive Attitudes and Moral Responsibility
Chair:Joe Campbell (Washington State University)
Speakers:Michael Smith (Princeton University)
Coleen Macnamara (University of California, Riverside)
Derk Pereboom (Cornell University)
Hanna Pickard (Princeton University and University of Birmingham)
7FInvited Symposium: Taking Phenomenal Consciousness from the Personally Known to the Scientifically Knowable
Chair:Charles Wallis (California State University, Long Beach)
Speakers:Luis Favela (University of Central Florida)
“Is Unreportable Phenomenology Outside the Scope of Science? Spoiler: Yes”
Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California, Riverside)
“Obstacles to Measuring the Sparseness or Abundance of Phenomenal Consciousness”
Lana Kuhle (Illinois State University)
“Phenomenal Consciousness: a Case for How to Investigate and Understand It”
Josh Weisberg (University of Houston)
“Seeing Letters without Seeing any Letters: Generic Content and Phenomenal Overflow”
Commentators:Emma Esmaili (University of British Columbia)
Steven James (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
Paul Skokowski (Stanford University)
7GInvited Symposium: The Ethics and Epistemology of Interpersonal Distrust
Chair:Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Michigan)
Speakers:Katherine Hawley (University of St. Andrews)
“Distrust and Impostor Syndrome” [abstract]
Jason D’Cruz (University at Albany and Université de Montréal)
“Distrusting Distrust”
Karen Jones (University of Melbourne)
“Earned and Unearned Distrust: Problems of Remedy”
7HColloquium: Formal Models of Rational Decision and Judgment
Chair: Caleb Perl (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Melissa Fusco (Columbia University)
“Counterfactuals, Centering, and the Gibbard-Harper Collapse Lemma” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Justin Khoo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Chair: Martin Peterson (Texas A&M University)
Speaker:Joel Pust (University of Delaware)
“Double-halfer Embarrassment Diminished: A Reply To Titelbaum” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Don Fallis (University of Arizona)
7IColloquium: Meaning, Value and Obligation
Chair: Martin Schwab (University of California, Irvine)
Speaker:Avery Snelson (University of California, Riverside)
“Nietzsche on the Origin of Obligation” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:David Dudrick (Colgate University)
Chair: Clinton Tolley (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Walter Reid (Syracuse University)
“Pessimism Redux” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Pierre Keller (University of California, Riverside)
Chair: David Burris (Arizona Western College)
Speaker:Levi Tenen (Indiana University Bloomington)
“Princess Diana’s Dress, Mink Coats, and Nature: Reasons for Valuing as Ends” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Deepanwita Dasgupta (East Tennessee State University)
7JColloquium: Metaphilosophy
Chair: Peter Ross (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Speakers:Anna Drozdzowicz (Independent Scholar)
Pierre Saint-Germier (Independent Scholar)
Samuel Schindler (University of Aarhus)
“An Expertise Defense via Armchair Physics” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Alex Madva (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Chair: Taylor Doran (University of California, Riverside)
Speaker:Jacob Stump (University of Toronto)
“On Socrates’ Project of Philosophical Conversion” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Suzanne Obdrzalek (Claremont McKenna College)
Chair: Nick Harrison (University of Utah)
Speaker:Elizabeth Cantalamessa (University of Miami)
“Disability Studies, Conceptual Ethics, and Metalinguistic Negotiation” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Leslie Pickering Francis (University of Utah)
7KSymposium: Political Semantics
Chair: Tiffany Campbell (University of Utah)
Speaker:Derek Anderson (Boston University)
“Linguistic Hijacking” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Sara Goering (University of Washington)
Ryan Nelson (University of Utah)
7LAPA Committee Session: Crossing Borders: A Panel Discussion on Latinx Immigration and US Immigration Policy
Arranged by the APA Committee on Public Philosophy
Chair:Kai Draper (University of Delaware)
Speakers:José Jorge Mendoza (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Shelley Wilcox (San Francisco State University)
Steve Tammelleo (University of San Diego)
Alex Sager (Portland State University)
7MAPA Committee Session: Meditations Workshop
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy
Chair:Russell Marcus (Hamilton College)
Speakers:Ryan Johnson (Elon University)
Susan Mills (MacEwan University)
7NAPA Committee Session: Political Obligation and the Duty to Obey the Law
Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy and Law
Chair:Rob Hughes (University of Pennsylvania)
Speakers:Margaret Gilbert (University of California, Irvine)
Daniel Viehoff (New York University)
David Lefkowitz (University of Richmond)

Friday Midday 11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Poster Session
Presenters:Meredith McFadden (Lawrence University)
“A Nietzschean Solution to Korsgaard’s Problem of Action” [abstract]
Ahmed Siddiqi (University of Houston)
“A Seat at the Lab Bench for Non-epistemic Values: A Critique of the Ideal of Value-free Science” [abstract]
Jared Smith (University of California, Riverside)
“Love in the Time of Alzheimer’s: Cognitive Degeneration, Internality, and Love” [abstract]
Marian Gilton (Independent Scholar)
“Modeling Chisholm’s Logic of Obligation, Requirement, and Defeat” [abstract]
Ava Thomas Wright (University of Georgia)
“The Duty of Veracity” [abstract]
John Partridge (Wheaton College Massachusetts)
“The Mansplainer: Epistemic Peacock, Knowledge Fraud, Credibility Thief” [abstract]
Kelle Dhein (Arizona State University)
“The Role of Intentional Information Concepts in Animal Behavior Research” [abstract]

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.

8ABook Symposium: Robert Audi, Means, Ends, and Persons: The Meaning and Psychological Dimensions of Kant’s Humanity Formula
Chair: Daniel Speak (Loyola Marymount University)
Speakers:Julia Driver (Washington University in St. Louis)
Glen Pettigrove (University of Auckland)
Brandon Warmke (Bowling Green State University)
Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)
8BBook Symposium: Michael Hardimon, Rethinking Race: The Case for Deflationary Realism
Chair: Jonathan Kaplan (Oregon State University)
Speakers:Esa Díaz-León (Universitat de Barcelona)
Quayshawn Spencer (University of Pennsylvania)
Michael Hardimon (University of California, San Diego)
8CBook Symposium: Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber, The Enigma of Reason
Chair: Gabriel Greenberg (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speakers:Terry Horgan (University of Arizona)
Tania Lombrozo (University of California, Berkeley)
Paul Robinson (Ohio State University)
Richard Samuels (Ohio State University)
Hugo Mercier (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique)
Dan Sperber (Central European University)
8DInvited Symposium: Emergence
Chair:Kerry McKenzie (University of California, San Diego)
Speakers:Mark Bedau (Reed College)
“A Defense of Pluralism about Emergence” [abstract]
Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto)
“Emergence and the Characterization of the Fundamental” [abstract]
Louis H. deRosset (University of Vermont)
“What Makes Strong Emergence Strong?”
8EInvited Symposium: Manipulation
Chair:Chris Weigel (Utah Valley University)
Speakers:Marcia Baron (Indiana University Bloomington)
“Aesthetic Manipulation?”
Eric Cave (Arkansas State University)
“Seduction by Manipulation or Deceit” [abstract]
Commentator:Daniel Nathan (Texas Tech University)
8FInvited Symposium: Pragmatic Approaches to Skepticism
Chair:Luca Struble (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speakers:Susanna Rinard (Harvard University)
Sinan Dogramaci (University of Texas at Austin)
Commentator:Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto)
8GColloquium: Autonomy
Chair: Victor Guerra (University of California, Riverside)
Speaker:Ben Schwan (University of Wisconsin−Madison)
“The Ability Ought Implies” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Daniel Story (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Chair: Rodney Peffer (University of San Diego)
Speaker:Alyssa Lowery (Vanderbilt University)
“The Shadow of Domination: Revising Pettit’s Conception of Freedom” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:M. Victoria Costa (College of William and Mary)
Chair: David Corner (California State University, Sacramento)
Speaker:Jordan Baker (University of Tennessee)
“Non-causalism as Metaphysical Dependence” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael Robinson (Chapman University)
8HColloquium: Philosophy of Physics
Chair: Andrew Wayne (University of Guelph)
Speaker:Joshua Luczak (Leibniz Universtität Hannover)
“How Many Aims Are We Aiming At?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jos Uffink (University of Minnesota)
Chair: Heather Demarest (University of Colorado Boulder)
Speaker:Jonathan Bain (New York University)
“Non-locality in Intrinsic Topologically Ordered Systems” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ann Thresher (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Charles Sebens (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Joshua Norton (American University of Beirut)
“No Time for the Hamiltonian Constraint” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:John Dougherty (University of California, San Diego)
8IColloquium: Probability and Statistics
Chair: Franz-Peter Griesmaier (University of Wyoming)
Speakers:Zoe Hitzig (Harvard University)
Jacob Stegenga (University of Cambridge)
“The Perils of P-Hacking and the Promise of Pre-analysis Plans” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Stephen Crowley (Boise State University)
Chair: Noel Martin (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Dasha Pruss (University of Pittsburgh)
“A Defense of Historical Data in Climate Science” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael Liston (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Chair: Ravit Dotan (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker:J. L. A. Donohue (University of California, Los Angeles)
“When is it Unreasonable to be Unsurprised?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:David Harker (East Tennessee State University)
8JAPA Committee Session: Health Care Nudges and Moral Responsibility
Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy and Medicine
Chair:Jennifer Hawkins (Duke University)
Speakers:Anne Barnhill (Johns Hopkins University)
“Nudges and Manipulation”
Moti Gorin (Colorado State University)
“Nudges, Preferences, and Responsibility”
Mark Alfano (Technische Universiteit Delft and Australian Catholic University)
“Strawsonian Reactive Attitudes in a Context of Power: Taking Responsibility, Holding Responsible, and Assigning Responsibility”
8KAPA Committee Session: Migration and Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Arranged by the APA Committee on International Cooperation
Chair:Sergio Tenenbaum (University of Toronto)
Speakers:Shelley Wilcox (San Francisco State University)
“Are Sanctuary Policies Morally Justified?”
Sarah Song (University of California, Berkeley)
“Obligations to Refugees and Other Necessitous Migrants” [abstract]
Luara Ferracioli (University of Sydney and University of Amsterdam)
“When Does the State Wrongly Discriminate? Statism and Immigration Policy”
Commentator:José Jorge Mendoza (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
8LAPA Committee Session: Walk-In Consultations
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy
Chair:Paul Green (Mount St. Mary’s University)
8MSpecial Session: Public Comment Session: APA Good Practices Guide
Chair:Amy Ferrer (APA National Office)


9ABook Symposium: Kris McDaniel, The Fragmentation of Being
Chair: Alison Peterman (University of Rochester)
Speakers:Gideon Rosen (Princeton University)
Jason Turner (University of Arizona)
Christina VanDyke (Calvin College)
Kris McDaniel (Syracuse University)
9BInvited Symposium: Beyond Social Contract Theory: Marginalization, Citizenship, and Rights
Chair:Antuan Johnson (Yale University)
Speakers:Tina Botts (California State University, Fresno)
“Aristotle’s Proportional Equality and the Equal Protection Clause” [abstract]
Charles Peterson (Oberlin College)
“Social Nullification: The Materiality of Black Life”
Commentator:Raff Donelson (Louisiana State University)
9CInvited Symposium: Doxastic Morality
Chair:Dustin Locke (Claremont McKenna College)
Speakers:Sarah Moss (University of Michigan)
“Moral Encroachment” [abstract]
Rima Basu (University of Southern California)
“What We Epistemically Owe To Each Other”
Sarah Stroud (McGill University)
“Wronging by (Dis)believing”
Commentator:Endre Begby (Simon Fraser University)
9DInvited Symposium: Philosophy of Money
Chair:Margaret Battin (University of Utah)
Speakers:David Dick (University of Calgary)
“What Money Can and Cannot Buy”
Margaret Schabas (University of British Columbia)
“The Nominalism/Realism Distinction in Hume’s Monetary Theory” [abstract]
Alexander Douglas (University of St. Andrews)
“What Must We Be Like for Money to Exist?”
9EColloquium: Agency
Chair: Gerald D. Doppelt (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin (Sam Houston State University)
“The Platonic Model 2.0” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ginger Clausen (University of Tennessee)
Chair: Aaron Finley (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Benjamin Wald (University of Toronto)
“Thin Constitutivism: A Realist Explanation of Moral Motivation” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ned Markosian (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
9FColloquium: Justification and Rights
Chair: Ally Peabody (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:Lisa Hecht (Stockholms Universitet)
“Provocateurs and their Rights to Self-defence” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Hereth Blake (University of Washington)
Chair: Laura Gillespie (Stanford University)
Speaker:Sherri Conklin (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Doubting the Deeds Account of Justification” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Ryan Stringer (University of California, San Diego)
9GColloquium: Utilitarianism
Chair: Sandra Woien (Arizona State University)
Speaker:Travis Timmerman (Seton Hall University)
“Save (Some of) the Children.” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Alexander Dietz (University of Southern California)
Chair: Caroline King (University of Arizona)
Speaker:Nicholas Smyth (Simon Fraser University)
“Gender and Theory-acceptance in Ethics” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Theresa Lopez (University of Maryland)
9HColloquium: Vagueness
Chair: Gregory Janssen (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Speaker:Kenneth Silver (University of Southern California)
“Vagueness and Exclusion” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Rebekah L. H. Rice (Seattle Pacific University)
Chair: Douglas Wadle (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Corin Fox (University of Virginia)
“Quasi-nihilism: An Epistemic, Non-epistemicist Response to the Sorites Paradox” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Achille Varzi (Columbia University)
9ISymposium: Free Will and Self Control
Chair: Kenneth Lucey (University of Nevada, Reno)
Speakers:Ryan Cummings (Independent Scholar)
Adina Roskies (Dartmouth College)
“Frankfurt, Free Will, and the Problem of Self-control” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Taylor Cyr (University of California, Riverside)
Tobias Fuchs (Brown University)
9JAPA Committee Session: Epistemic Resistance, Survival Ethics, Social Justice, and Performative Knowledge in Native American and Mexican America
Arranged by the APA Committee on Native American Indigenous Philosophers
Chair:Lara Trout (University of Portland)
Speakers:Sergio Gallegos (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
“‘En México no hay Negros, no hay Negras’: Afro-Mexican Women’s Epistemic Resistance Against Practices of Silencing”
Shay Welch (Spelman College)
“Dance as Native Performative Knowledge” [abstract]
Gregory Frenando Pappas (Texas A&M University)
“How to Approach Injustices? Lessons from Some Mexican-Americans”
Lori Gallegos (Texas State University-San Marcos)
“The Ethics of Making a Home: Tactics of Survival and the Politics of Assimilation” [abstract]
9KAPA Committee Session: International Academic Freedom and Scholars at Risk
Arranged by the APA Committee on International Cooperation
Chair:Stephen M. Gardiner (University of Washington)
Speakers:Jiewuh Song (Seoul National University)
“Academic Freedom and International Action”
Chrys Margaritidis (Central European University)
“Academic Freedom in Distress: From Political Hostage to Political Instrument”
Wendy Salkin (Harvard University)
“When Academic Freedom Becomes Responsibility: The Relationship Between Scholarship and Spokespersonship”
9LAPA Committee Session: Jobs & Careers: How to Get and Keep a Full-Time Position at a Community College
Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges
Chair:Basil Smith (Saddleback College)
Speakers:Marc Bobro (Santa Barbara City College)
Aaron Champene (St. Louis Community College)
Ian Duckles (San Diego Mesa College)
Basil Smith (Saddleback College)
Heather Wilburn (Tulsa Community College)
Kerry McCutcheon Ybarra (Fresno City College)
9MDewey Lecture
Chair:David Shoemaker (Tulane University of New Orleans)
Speaker:Gary Watson (University of Southern California)
“On Reflection”

Friday Evening, 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Presidential Address
Introduction:Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Kwong-loi Shun (University of California, Berkeley)
“On the Idea of ‘No Self’” [abstract]




10ABook Symposium: Anna Alexandrova, A Philosophy for the Science of Well-being
Chair: Lauren Ross (University of California, Irvine)
Speakers:Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego)
Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton University)
Simine Vazire (University of California, Davis)
Anna Alexandrova (University of Cambridge)
10BBook Symposium: Avner Baz, The Crisis of Method in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
Chair: Dale Turner (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Speakers:Alice Crary (The New School)
Steven Gross (Johns Hopkins University)
Rebecca Kukla (Georgetown University)
Avner Baz (Tufts University)
10CBook Symposium: Susanna Siegel, The Rationality of Perception
Chair: Matthew Fulkerson (University of California, San Diego)
Speakers:Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh)
Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University and University of London)
Susanna Siegel (Harvard University)
10DInvited Paper: Global Aesthetics
Chair: Rika Dunlap (Seattle University)
Speaker:Bence Nanay (University of Antwerp and University of Cambridge)
“Global Aesthetics”
Commentators:Susan Feagin (Temple University)
Ivan Gaskell (Bard College)
10EColloquium: Causation and Likelihood
Chair: Tim Juvshik (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Speaker:Tomasz Wysocki (University of Pittsburgh)
“Causes, Cycles, Equilibria” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Frederick Eberhardt (California Institute of Technology)
Chair: Francesco Gallina (Università degli Studi di Padova)
Speaker:Jonathan Livengood (University of Illinois at Urbana)
“Counting Experiments” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Cherie Braden (University of Colorado Boulder)
10FColloquium: Epistemic Justice
Chair: Katherine Gasdaglis (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Speaker:Kathryn Pendoley (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Fitting Emotions and a New Form of Epistemic Injustice” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Cory Aragon (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Chair: Gabbrielle Johnson (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speaker:Jessie Munton (New York University)
“What’s Wrong with Accurate Statistical Generalizations?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Briana Toole (University of Texas at Austin)
Chair: Regina Rini (New York University)
Speakers:Spencer Case (University of Colorado Boulder)
Hrishikesh Joshi (University of Michigan)
“Are Political Minorities in Academia Victims of Epistemic Injustice?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Tamara Fakhoury (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
10GColloquium: Modern Metaphysics
Chair: Dana S. Belu (California State University, Dominguez Hills)
Speaker:Jennifer McWeeny (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
“The Panpsychism Question in Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Emily S. Lee (California State University, Fullerton)
Chair: Vijay Mascarenhas (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Speaker:Juan Garcia (Ohio State University)
“Leibniz on Contingency and Individual Concepts” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Sean Greenberg (University of California, Irvine)
Chair: James Crippen (California State University, Fullerton)
Speaker:Steven Dezort (Texas A&M University)
“Locke on Substance, Substances, and Superadded Powers” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Shelley Weinberg (University of Illinois)
10HColloquium: Philosophical Semantics
Chair: Zak Kotlow (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speakers:David Boylan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ginger Schutheis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Strengthening Principles and Counterfactual Semantics” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Hans Kamp (University of Texas at Austin)
Chair: Matthew Babb (Washington University in St. Louis)
Speaker:Geoff Georgi (West Virginia University)
“Quantifiers, Demonstratives, and Compositionality” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University)
Chair: Alberto Tassoni (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker:Daniel Rubio (Rutgers University)
“Ideological Innocence” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Alexander Kocurek (University of California, Berkeley)
10IColloquium: Political Philosophy
Chair: Justin Kitchen (California State University, Northridge)
Speaker:Jesse Spafford (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Legitimacy, Consent, and Initial Appropriation” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Thomas Kirkpatrick (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Prakash Chenjeri (Southern Oregon University)
Speaker:Benjamin Miller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
“Political Incompetence and Defenses of Democracy” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Brookes Brown (Clemson University)
Chair: Paul Hurley (Claremont McKenna College)
Speaker:Kyle Johannsen (Trent University)
“Species of Pluralism in Political Philosophy” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Lori Watson (University of San Diego)
10JColloquium: Racial Categories
Chair: Michael Hunter (University of California, Davis)
Speaker:Louise Pedersen (University of Utah)
“The Race Debate and the Work of Intuitions” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh)
Chair: Carlos Santana (University of Utah)
Speaker:Kamuran Osmanoglu (University of Kansas)
“The Biological Reality of Race does not underwrite the Social Reality of Race” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Aleta Quinn (University of Pittsburgh)
Chair: Saray Ayala-Lopez (California State University, Sacramento)
Speaker:Aaron Griffith (College of William and Mary)
“Realizing Race” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Shay Welch (Spelman College)
10KAPA Committee Session: Book Symposium: Nalini Bhushan and Jay Garfield, Minds without Fear
Arranged by the APA Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies
Chair:Prasanta S. Bandyopadhyay (Montana State University)
Speakers:Saranindranath Tagore (National University of Singapore)
Vrinda Dalmiya (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Ankur Barua (University of Cambridge)
Commentators:Nalini Bhushan (Smith College)
Jay L. Garfield (Smith College and Harvard University)
10LAPA Committee Session: Doing Philosophy with a Disability
Arranged by the APA Committee on Inclusiveness
Chair:Joseph Stramondo (San Diego State University)
Speakers:Christine Wieseler (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
“Reflections on Embodiment in the Classroom: or, A Disabled Philosopher Walks into a Medical School” [abstract]
Teresa Blankmeyer Burke (Gallaudet University)
“Disability Calculus: Silencing and Speaking Out”
Audrey Yap (University of Victoria)
“Ableist Narratives and Self-Identification”
10MAPA Committee Session: New Technologies in Online Philosophy Teaching
Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy and Computers
Chair:Fritz McDonald (Oakland University)
Speakers:Keith Hess (College of Southern Nevada)
John Min (College of Southern Nevada)
Vasile Munteanu (College of Southern Nevada)
Beth Seacord (College of Southern Nevada)


11ABook Symposium: Penelope Maddy, What Do Philosophers Do?
Chair: Patricia Hanna (University of Utah)
Speakers:Annalisa Coliva (University of California, Irvine)
Adam Leite (Indiana University Bloomington)
Barry Stroud (University of California, Berkeley)
Penelope Maddy (University of California, Irvine)
11BSpecial Memorial Session: Delia Graff Fara
Chair:Gillian Russell (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Speakers:Timothy Williamson (Oxford University)
Anders Schoubye (University of Edinburgh)
11CInvited Symposium: (Re)Thinking Race and Responsibility
Chair:Marie Draz (San Diego State University)
Speakers:Shannon Winnubst (Ohio State University)
“Feeling Whiteness Without Liberal Sentimentality” [abstract]
Ladelle McWhorter (University of Richmond)
“Responsibility, Response-ability, and Responsibilization”
Ellen Armour (Vanderbilt University)
“The Virtual and the Visual: Race, Responsibility, and Social Media”
11DInvited Symposium: Is Perception a Natural Kind?
Chair:Mohan Matthen (University of Toronto)
Speakers:Ian Phillips (Princeton University)
Ned Block (New York University)
Rachel Denison (New York University)
EJ Green (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
11EInvited Symposium: Merleau-Ponty and 21st C Science: Nature, Agency, and Being
Chair:Alejandro A. Vallega (University of Oregon)
Speakers:Kym Maclaren (Ryerson University)
“Embodied Agency: Lessons from Anorexia Nervosa”
David Morris (Concordia University)
“Merleau-Ponty, 21st C Physics, and the Radically Contingent Normativity of Time”
Commentator:Martina Ferrari (University of Oregon)
11FColloquium: Philosophy of Logic
Chair: Mark Balaguer (California State University, Los Angeles)
Speaker:Roy Sorensen (Washington University in St. Louis)
“Confessing to Superfluous Premises” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jonathan Caravello (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Chair: Damien Barnes (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Speaker:William James McCurdy (Idaho State University)
“The Necessity of Genuine Triadic Relations” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:John F. Sowa (Independent Scholar)
Chair: Greg Lauro (University of California, Irvine)
Speakers:Juan J. Colomina (University of Texas at Austin)
Pablo Stinga (Iowa State University)
“Boolos’ Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever in its Purest Form” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Gabriel Uzquiano (University of Southern California)
11GColloquium: Practical Reasoning
Chair: Mike Ashfield (University of Southern California)
Speaker:Andrew Franklin-Hall (University of Toronto)
“Binding the Self: The Ethics of Ulysses Contracts” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Henry Argetsinger (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Haley Brennan (Simon Fraser University)
Speaker:Catherine Rioux (University of Toronto)
“A Higher-order Approach to Diachronic Continence” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jennifer Carr (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Marilyn Piety (Drexel University)
Speaker:Ting Cho Lau (University of Notre Dame)
“Tough Choices, Reasons, and Practical Reasoning” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Susan Vineberg (Wayne State University)
11HColloquium: Reactive Attitudes
Chair: William Albuquerque (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Michael Da Silva (University of British Columbia)
“On Kagan’s Conjecture” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Emma Duncan (University of California, San Diego)
Chair: Dallas Amico (University of California, San Diego)
Speaker:Grant Rozeboom (St. Norbert College)
“Fear and Resentment” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Robert Gressis (California State University, Northridge)
Chair: Larry Alexander (University of San Diego)
Speaker:Nicholas Sars (Tulane University of New Orleans)
“Why the Strawsonian Reactive Attitudes do not Constitute an Expressive Theory of Moral Responsibility” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Michael McKenna (University of Arizona)
11IColloquium: Scientific Inference
Chair: Steve Elliott (Arizona State University)
Speaker:Austin Due (San Francisco State University)
“Concordance as a Cognitive Value in Multiple-model Scientific Practices” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Richard Grandy (Rice University)
Chair: Kino Yuting Zhao (University of California, Irvine)
Speaker:Robert Northcott (Birkbeck College London)
“Prediction in Science: How Big Data Does—and Doesn’t—Help” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Kathleen Creel (University of Pittsburgh)
Chair: Mary Gwin (San Diego Mesa College)
Speaker:Dana Matthiessen (University of Pittsburgh)
“Shaping Patterns into Structures: Protein Science and the Mobility of Data” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:William Bechtel (University of California, San Diego)
11JColloquium: Self-Awareness
Chair: Valerie Simon (University of Oregon)
Speaker:Rebecca Harrison (University of California, Riverside)
“Beyond Spatial Orientation: Merleau-Ponty’s Account of Perspective” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Chris Nagel (California State University Stanislaus)
Chair: James Genone (Minerva Schools at KGI)
Speaker:Adam Bradley (University of California, Berkeley)
“Pain, Multimodality, and Bodily Awareness” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Murat Aydede (University of British Columbia)
Chair: Lauren Ashwell (Bates College)
Speaker:Jared Peterson (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)
“Introspection & the Attitudes” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Brad Thompson (Southern Methodist University)
11KAPA Committee Session: Justice in the Aftermath of Injustice: The Limits of Liberalism for People of Color
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers
Chair:Sara Goering (University of Washington)
Speakers:Denise James (University of Dayton)
“The Many Conditions of Freedom: A Black Feminist Proposal”
A. Y. Odedeyi (Michigan State University)
“The Limits of Freedom and Speech and Joy”
John Torrey (University of Memphis)
“The Limits of Overcoming Injustice without Combatting Misrecognition”
11LSpecial Session: Philosophy Beyond Academia: A Conversation with’s Patrick Byrne
Chair:Andrew Cullison (DePauw University)
Speaker:Patrick Byrne (Independent Scholar)


12AInvited Paper: Skepticism and Doubt
Chair: Masahiro Yamada (Claremont Graduate University)
Speaker:Baron Reed (Northwestern University)
“Doubt” [abstract]
Commentators:Matthias Steup (University of Colorado Boulder)
Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins University)
12BInvited Symposium: Truthmaker Semantics and its Applications
Chair:Erica Shumener (University of Pittsburgh)
Speakers:Kit Fine (New York University)
“Truthmakers and the Is-Ought Gap”
Jon Litland (University of Texas at Austin)
“Truthmakers, Awareness, and Closure under Containment” [abstract]
Stephen Yablo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Truthmakers, Context Sets, and Permission” [abstract]
12CColloquium: Epistemology
Chair: Fabio Lampert (University of California, Davis)
Speaker:Andy Mueller (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
“What May I (Epistemically) Hope For?” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Adrienne Martin (Claremont McKenna College)
Chair: Dan Campana (University of La Verne)
Speaker:Daniel Immerman (Independent Scholar)
“Pluralist Accounts of Knowledge and the Threshold Problem” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Christopher Buford (University of Akron)
12DColloquium: Social Epistemology
Chair: Rachel Rudolph (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker:Keith Harris (University of Missouri)
“Distributed Group Knowledge and Epistemic Luck” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Jeremy Goodman (New York University)
Chair: Ásta Sveinsdóttir (San Francisco State University)
Speaker:Cory M. Davia (University of California, San Diego)
“Ambiguity, Rule Interpretation, and the Spirit of the Game” [abstract + preprint]
Commentator:Sean McKeever (Davidson College)
12ESymposium: Nonnatural Moral Realism
Chair: Sophia Dandelet (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker:Max Hayward (Bowling Green State University)
“Immoral Realism” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:Matthew Bedke (University of British Columbia)
Stephen Finlay (University of Southern California)
12FSymposium: Plato on Justice
Chair: Emily A. Austin (Wake Forest University)
Speaker:Brennan McDavid (University of Melbourne)
“Meddling in the Work of Another” [abstract | preprint]
Commentators:John Proios (Cornell University)
J. Clerk Shaw (University of Tennessee)
12GAPA Committee Session: Book Symposium: John McClendon, Philosophy of Religion and the African American Experience
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers
Speakers:Stephen Ferguson (North Carolina State University)
Anthony Neal (Mississippi State University)
Malik Simba (California State University, Fresno)
Commentator:John McClendon (Michigan State University)
12HAPA Committee Session: Philosophical Outreach: The Face and Space of Philosophy
Arranged by the APA Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy
Chair:Marisol Brito (Metropolitan State University)
Speakers:Amy Reed-Sandoval (University of Texas at El Paso)
“Make Space for the Philosophical Children of Philosophy”
Stephanie Rivera Berruz (William Paterson University)
“What Does Inclusivity Look Like? Reflections on the Changing Face of Philosophy”
Andrea Sullivan-Clarke (University of Washington)
“Changing the Face through Inclusive Space: the Inaugural Voyage of ISHIP”
12IAPA Committee Session: Unequal Protection: From Anti-LGBTQ Legislation to Title VII Discrimination
Arranged by the APA Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in the Profession
Chair:Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo (Washington State University)
Speakers:John Corvino (Wayne State University)
“Religious Liberty Exemption and Legalized Discrimination”
Kory Schaff (California State University, Los Angeles)
“Sex Discrimination at Work” [abstract]
Marie Draz (San Diego State University)
“The Use of Sex: Thinking Genealogically about Administrative Violence”
12JSpecial Session: The Berggruen Prize Lecture
Chair:Craig Calhoun (Berggruen Institute)
Speaker:Onora O’Neill (University of Cambridge)
“Ethical Justification in the Twentieth Century”
Commentators:Andrew Chignell (Princeton University)
Eric Watkins (University of California, San Diego)