American Philosophical Association Pacific Division

Mini-Conferences Call for Proposals

The Pacific Division invites proposals for one-day mini-conferences to be held in conjunction with its annual meeting in 2013. The Division will provide a venue and support of up to $5000 to defray direct expenses of the mini-conference.

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for collective exploration of important philosophical topics in more depth than is offered by the usual meeting schedule. Past mini-conferences are listed on the mini-conferences web page.

Proposals should include (1) a list of the organizing committee's members, (2) a description of the topic of the mini-conference that explains its timeliness, significance, and anticipated impact, (3) a list of potential and committed speakers, (4) plans for publicizing the miniconference, and (5) a brief budget indicating what contribution the Pacific Division is asked to make. Proposals that budget expenditures aimed to attract an audience or maximize impact are more likely to be successful. Mini-conference organizing committees are expected to include at least one member of the Pacific Division. APA Committees are not eligible to apply.

Proposals should be submitted by email to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than March 14 for adjudication by the Division's Executive Committee at the next Annual Meeting. A number of considerations enter into the Committee's decision – these include but are not limited to the availability of resources, the timeliness, significance, and potential impact of the miniconference, the selection of speakers, the experience of the organizers, and the use of the budget to attract an audience. The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

Information about the Pacific Division's annual meeting, including future meeting sites and dates, is available on the APA Pacific Division website. For more information about the mini-conference program, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Dominic McIver Lopes.