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Stephen Angle (Wesleyan University) Curriculum Vitae
Yong Huang (Kutztown University) Profile
Philip J. Ivanhoe (City University of Hong Kong) Curriculum Vitae
Youngmin Kim (Seoul National University-Korea)
Pauline Lee (Washington University) Home Page
JeeLoo Liu (California State University-Fullerton) Curriculum Vitae
Guoxiang Peng (Tsinghua University - China) Curriculum Vitae
Kwong-loi Shun (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Home Page
David Tien (National University of Singapore) Profile
Justin Tiwald (San Francisco State University) Curriculum Vitae
Kam Por Yu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Home Page

Tongdong Bai (Xavier University) Profile
Donald Blakeley (University of Hawai'i)
Howard Curzer (Texas Tech) Curriculum Vitae
Owen Flanagan (Duke University) Home Page
Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto) Curriculum Vitae
Rachana Kamtekar (University of Arizona) Curriculum Vitae
Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California - Riverside) Home Page
Edward Slingerland (University of British Columbia) Curriculum Vitae
Michael Slote (University of Miami)
Christine Swanton (University of Auckland)
Yang Xiao (Kenyon College) Home Page

Eric Hutton (University of Utah) Curriculum Vitae
David Nivison (Stanford University)
A.O. Rorty (National Humanities Center) Curriculum Vitae
Gary Watson (UC - Riverside) Home Page